Monday, October 27, 2008

The Obama Campaign: Long on Cash Short on Ideas

Although the Obama campaign has vastly outspent the GOP in this election contest, they are running empty in a critical area. In the matter of ideas, they are hitting a long stretch during which they seem to be at a loss for words. What do they fill it with?

“We are going to win. There is no escaping it. Get used to the idea of an Obama administration. Wake up and smell the coffee.” It sounds like an abusive spouse or a thief telling their cowed quarry. “Make it painless for both of us, and just throw your wallet on the table.

The ending for these stories is often sadly predictable. A spouse with a black eye, or a humiliated commuter sans cell phone going home with his wallet ripped out of his pants.

There is only one problem with this scenario. Sometimes the would be victim has an ace up his sleeve, in the form of a superior weapon, or a knowledge of martial arts.

The Obama campaign is now smugly and prematurely declaring victory. They have the mainstream media locked up. They are mostly employees of the Obama campaign.

People have faced much worse odds under dictatorships and military occupation. Leftists are fond of recounting the victory of a ragged band of Guerillas in the sierra Maestra mountains of Cuba who toppled the mighty Batista government. (Only to become worse tyrants)

Leftists are fond of recounting Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh, who drove the French out of Indochina.

America’s own revolutionaries were “irregulars’ without the sleek financing and snappy uniforms of the British. Despite all odds, history has been made by the underfinanced longshots with a cause and with motivation.

McCain is limited by law in any attempt he might make to match Obama in spending. But he has a surprise weapon. We are the “irregular forces’ Scorned, ignored and occasionally hacked, we have a sense of faceless intimacy with our ideological compatriots across the country. We are not getting paid. We are in fact losing money. It is the sense that the country needs us that motivates us to keep up the struggle.

You are able to deceive the country with sleight of mass delusion that is possible when you control the mass media outlets. As much as you would like to, you can not stop the grass roots exchange of fact and opinions that resembles nothing so much as a cross country dialogue.

We are the “irregulars” with a laptop in the kitchen and visions of a better country. You would like to silence us with a “fairness doctrine” and who knows what tricks. But we will not be silenced. You look at the plummeting circulation of your newspapers with alarm. But you know that they are deserting your world of illusion in droves and coming over to our side for information.

You have bent the language by labeling inconvenient truths as ‘lies”. You call an an examination of Obama’s record a “personal attack”. And most insulting of all is your labeling principled arguments against your badly flawed candidate “racist”.

Unfortunately for you, Americans have learned well the English language and the history of the civil rights movement. Rather than being cowed into silence, we are indignant of your usurpation of hallowed principles and cynical manipulation of language.

History is not made by those who go with the tide, but by those who will defend a principle against daunting odds. You have a spark of truth buried in an ash heap of lies . You know that we are driven by principle. Your talk of the inevitability of an Obama victory is founded in insecurity and masks an ideological bankruptcy. You can malign us, misquote us and attempt to ban and hack us but we will never be silenced. Sphere: Related Content

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