Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Thanks Reverend Wright in Video (The Chickens are Coming Home To Roost)

Obama was on the campaign trail a few days ago, criticising McCain for allegedly revising his health care plan. He sneered at McCain for only starting to understand the issue of health care well into the campaign. Changing the particulars of a proposed plan is far different than changing core principles. Obama willfully obfuscated that distinction.

Rather than being angry at Obama for his sanctimonious criticism, I am actually grateful. Because Barack Obama changed his mind not after a season in the campaign but after twenty years. For many years, Obama said he was not in church when Reverend Wright said hateful things about white people and most infamously cursed America after 9/11. Even when his church gave Louis Farrakhan a "Lifetime Achievement" award, Obama stood by them.

Obama quit Reverend Wright's church early in the presidential campaign. After getting married and christening two children in the church, some cynics were saying that he "threw Reverend Wright under the bus." I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps that the smorgasbord at the church was better than the sermons.

After Obama's harsh criticism of McCain, I felt it was time to likewise criticise Barry for being slow to learn from his mistakes. Now a video has surfaced that seems to debunk my smorgasbord hypothesis about Obama's loyalty to Reverend Wright.

The video with this posting is an excerpt from an interview in which Obama is addressed with the tone of reverence now customary in addressing the Great One. In the interview, Obama repeatedly stresses the formative influence Reverend Wright had on his world view. Far from a weary congregant who nods off on his wife's shoulder in church, Barack comes off like an eager disciple, restless to adapt Wrightist ideology to his corner in the world of politics.

I was lulled for a long time into thinking that Obama had "evolved" in distancing himself from Wright. After watching this video, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that Obama's relationship with the fiery preacher is much like that of a man who divorces his wife and makes her his mistress.

If we are to criticise McCain for revising the particulars of a program, we must seriously distrust a man whose core beliefs are allegedly in a state of flux.

Millions of Americans are prepared to elect a man who hides his birth certificate from official scrutiny. This video, like so many Obama explanations raises more questions than it answers. A truthful person can be taken at his word. A liar must be deciphered and interpreted. Despite all of his attempts to cover his tracks, Obama's past is catching up with him. In the words of Reverend Wright, "The chickens are coming home to roost". Sphere: Related Content

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