Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions about Obama Willfully Ignored

A week before election day, there is a multitude of unanswered questions about Barack Obama. Questions about associations and alliances pile up unasked by the press. The stench from questions unasked by the press but of concern to the voters pile up, creating a cumulative stench like a summer long sanitation worker's strike.

In the real world, a job applicant can be asked for a resume and references. The neighbours of a prospective FBI agent are interviewed and questioned about job applicants.

Aside from the long list of Obama's questionable friends and checkered legislative career are the routine questions about his education. From his Hawaii birth certificate to his university records, Obama has maintained a veil of secrecy, refusing to release records that either confirm or lay to rest doubts about his qualifications. Rather than speaking to voters and selling us on the validity of his qualifications, we are asked to search our souls for hidden racism and to expiate it with a vote for Obama. Voters are not educated but insulted. Reporters that ask pressing questions are blacklisted, and anti Obama sites are hacked. Inadvertently, we have been given a sneak preview of life under Obama.

In the last week before election day, our list of questions has grown, and silence continues to be the response of the Obama campaign. The honour of serving as President is not an entitlement. With so many willfully unanswered questions, we have no obligation to extend the benefit of the doubt. The electorate has been insulted by the Obama campaign and his media surrogates. We have no obligation to honour him with our votes.


Check Out THIS Poll!

All of the speculation about who will be elected will be put to rest by the vote of the people. There is one poll which is highly significant, and that is the attitude of various groups towards free speech. According to an article in World Net Daily, a Zogby ATI poll has extensively studied the attitudes of various groups towards free speech and found that “Supporters of Barack Obama like the idea of a “Fairness Doctrine” that would crack down on talk shows like those of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, and their enthusiasm grows when the idea of taking the radio icons off the air is introduced.

According to ATI News President Brad O’Leary,“Barack Obama has shown a stunning lack of tolerance for free speech throughout the course of this campaign.” He additionally warned that a large Democratic majority and a Democratic President would make the passing of a fairness doctrine a strong likelihood.

According to the poll, Democrats, Obama supporters and independents all support the idea of a ‘fairness doctrine”. But when it is explained that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity could be taken off the air, then the opinions of the groups polled diverges radically. Obama supporters actually increase their support for such a specific outcome from 49-36% in favour to 53-37% in favour. Other groups polled reduce their support radically for a fairness doctrine when the issue of Limbaugh and Hannity going off the air is raised.

According to the poll,when the issue of Hannity and Limbaugh being fired was raised,”independent voters opposed the doctrine 49 to 40 percent and undecided voters rejected it 50 to 17 percent“.

According to the WND article, “The doctrine was instituted in 1949 by the Federal Communications Commission and soon was recognized as a tool for silencing views authorities found objectionable. The FCC repealed the rule in 1987 after admitting the plan “had the net effect of reducing rather than enhancing the discussion of controversial issues of public importance.”

The article mentions several tactics employed by the Obama campaign to suppress dissent. Among them “Obama forces also tried to hush a national organization that ran TV and radio ads attacking the candidate’s position on an issue. In that instance, Obama’s general counsel fired off a letter threatening the licenses of stations that didn’t pull the ad “for the sake of FCC licensing and the public interest.”

When “Joe the Plumber” questioned Obama about his plan to raise taxes on small businesses, Obama supporters sought to destroy Joe and publicly embarrass him by digging through his tax files, work history and personal life.

Can you imagine what an Obama administration would do with the FBI and the IRS at its disposal?

The Obama campaign and its supporters have not supported the “fairness doctrine as an isolated position on their agenda. They have made it a part of a broad strategy to put down dissent. This is one promise upon which they have delivered before the election.

On November 4, you will be invited to radically curtail your free speech and access to varied opinions. If you favour this agenda, all you have to do is to vote for barack Obama. Is this what you want?

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