Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thoughts About Election 2008

Are Reporters Campaigning on the Job?

In a republic, representatives act on behalf of the people, hopefully acting on behalf of constituents instead of in their own private interests. The media should be an extension of a republican (with a small “r”!) system, acting on behalf of the public and posing probing questions to elected officials.

The mainstream media has in large part abdicated this basic function, often serving as a cheerleader for the Democrats and sounding more like a sports announcer at a horse race.

Interviews with candidates should be like job interviews conducted by reporters on behalf of the public. “Who did you work for?” “What was your job?” “What did you accomplish? ” These are all normal questions whether applying for a job as a manager in a 7-11 or a “manager” of the United States.

If I am interviewing a job applicant and he is defensive about his resume, I will either probe more thoroughly or dismiss him from consideration.

It is very seldom that news reporters conduct “job interviews” any more.

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Saturday Night Live pulled this video. It hit way too close for a lot of people who are regular viewers. I remember when the Nixon administration put pressure on the Smothers Brothers and CBS. Brittleness and paranoia were ultimately the undoing of the Nixon administration. Liberal paranoia bared its fangs in Missouri with the truth squads. Now they are muzzling political satire. Fortunately we have the 21st century version of samizdat, which constitutes blogs and You Tube.

This video is going viral because it was it was banned. Good satire has a way of getting in your face with taboo truths. This video definately qualifies Sphere: Related Content

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