Friday, October 10, 2008

Thoughts About Election 2008

By all normal rules of politics,the Republicans should be in much worse trouble than they are now. In general, economic turbulence is blamed on the incumbent President. This makes limited sense. The legislative branch of government has a lot of input in creating economic climate. Additionally, the seeds of crisis are usually sown years before they bear their bitter fruit. An intelligent analysis of the current crisis will create a complex apportionment of blame, with the Democrats getting a good fair share.

Unfortunately, partisan analysts have played three card monty games with public perception, creating the impression that the jackpot of blame lies under the red card instead of the blue. (to twist a metaphor)

That McCain has any chance at all shows that public perception may be far more nuanced than our liberal media would prefer. His decency, his patriotism and the independence of his thinking are providing a positive counterbalance to Obama's radical ties, his inexperience and his sleazy friends. The magnitude of the financial crisis has created a reluctance to change the party in the Oval office without weighing the relative merits of the two contenders.

Only a bumbler could be dealt the hand of circumstance dealt to the Democrats without being way ahead. Obama is far from way ahead right now. He should look to his own personal deficiencies to explain this rather than creating a fictitious politics of race. There is a lot of hope for the Republicans. They have a good man and good ideas.But it will be a tough battle Sphere: Related Content

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