Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts About the Planned Bloomberg Coronation

Mayor Bloomberg is trying to override the term limits he once supported before being elected mayor. He was unambiguous in his support for term limits.Now he wants to run for a third term. He says that our critical times demand the continuance of his humble public service.

My criticism of Bloomberg extends beyond the hypocrisy of his bypassing the mechanism of a public referendum on a mayoral third term. His actions speak far more eloquently than any criticism I could offer.There is plenty of time before the next mayoral election to have a referendum on a third term. His actions remind me of a comment by East German dissident Wolf Biermann . He once said that a leadership that is disappointed in the people should disolve it and elect another. My guess is that our mayor has folowed this advice by going with the City Council instead of a referendum.

Mayor Giuliani was probably the greatest mayor in the history of New York. Unfortunately, he and Mayor Bloomberg made the same mistake. Neither one cultivated a party organisation to carry forth a Republican answer to New York's challenges. When Giuliani left office, he left no one of his ideological mold with enough of a political following to succeed him. Bloomberg is the same way, although his motives are different. Giuliani is a liberal Republican. Bloomberg has turned the Republican party into a budget version of the Democrats. Unfortunately, this is not new. Mayor Koch, a man of vastly overstated achievements ran in 1981 on the Democratic and Republican lines.

I question the assumption that Mayor Bloomberg is the only man who can lead us in times of crisis. Rather than seeking to strengthen his party, he continues to make himself the centerpiece of his agenda. Bloomberg has made a fortune in building a news empire yet he seems to overlook this as a possible stepping stone for the advancement of his chosen causes. I dislike the coercive aspect of his public health initiatives. I think he has sound ideas about balancing the budget. His mayoralty has been a basket of mixed blessings. But he has a lot to offer as a commentator and a critic. He also has the business expertise that could make additional news outlets financially viable. He would probably have considerable persuasive power in this new role. It is odd that he has not considered it.

In politics as in industry, lack of competition leads to stagnation. New York is effectively a one party town. Repealing term limits is arguably a good idea. It would bring others who have been sidelined back into the political arena. But if term limits are repealed for the mayor,they should be repealed for everyone. this is a decision that the people of New York should be trusted to make. It should be brought to the people in a referendum. Let the people decide. Sphere: Related Content

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