Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Does a Supporter of Same Sex Marriage Have to Offer Hamas and Al Qaeda?

During presidential elections, the issue of gay rights and same sex marriage is usually viewed as separate from issues of foreign policy. I was listening on WOR Radio to Steve Malzberg mention a book , “King and King” , which he read during the broadcast. It is about two princes who fall in love and get married. It is targeted at kindergarten and first graders and their parents and is intended to explain and normalise same sex marriage. It was at the centre of a court case in Massachusetts in which a parent objected to it being read in class. (The court ruled against the parent.)

John Edwards and Barack Obama came out earlier in the campaign as being in favour of the inclusion of this book in a public elementary school library. Hillary Clinton said it should be up to individual parents if their children should be exposed to such reading material. Michelle Obama later said that she had already discussed same sex marriage with her six and her nine year old.

Although Malzberg mentioned Obama’s popularity with Hamas in the same broadcast as the same sex marriage story, they were not tied together. He pointed out that many Arabs who are quite impoverished are buying Obama T shirts and donating time and money to campaign from phone banks for Obama.

Religious Muslims constantly mention the decadence of the west with its homosexual and heterosexual promiscuity as something they consider abhorrent. Islamic women wear head and body covering as an emblem of Islamic piety.

How do foreign Muslims, who decry the decadence of the west come to support Barack Obama, who has been in the vanguard of those who campaign to normalise “alternative lifestyles”? Muslims are a visible and growing minority in America. The permissiveness of American society causes many Muslim parents anxiety, much as it does the parents of orthodox Jews and religious Christians. One would think that issues revolving around “traditional family values” would actually prove to be a common denominator for these disparate groups. To a considerable extent, conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews have made common cause around “quality of life” issues that revolve around making school and society more “religion friendly”.

Muslims have celebrated their arrival as a recognised minority mainly by raising their voices about the Middle East. Even though Orthodox Jews are turning out to be Israel’s most steadfast supporters, this is in the context of a broad array of concerns.

What appeal does a man who denies his Islamic heritage and publicly attends church have to Muslim voters? It can not be his support for gay rights. It can not be for his support for sex education. And it is certainly not for his extreme support for late term abortions and letting infant abortion survivors die in hospital broom closets. These positions are held in contempt all across the Islamic world.

The one thing that could redeem him in the eyes of Muslims would be his support of anti Israel causes and opposition to a strong America. From Havana to Pyongyang to Paris to Gaza City, the thought of an Obama victory causes his supporters to radiate joy. It is a bitter irony that an Obama nation would likely see an increase of Arab immigrants whose children would be caught in the snares of post-Christian permissiveness encouraged by Obama’s “alternative lifestyle” contingent. I have worked with Pakistani immigrants in a warehouse job. We often spoke about the fears shared by Jews and Muslims in a permissive society. Each of us subscribed to modesty codes that doubled as a badge of religious and ethnic allegiance. That job was over twelve years ago. I have yet to find a political alliance that reflects the common understanding we found in that dark Brooklyn warehouse.

It is sad to say, but the unity in the worldwide enthusiasm for Obama is not rooted in “family values” but in a fondness for cuts in defense and opposition to Israel. Jesse Jackson himself confirmed the suspicions of many when he said that an Obama administration would be bad for Israel. Obama’s long list of radical friends and allusion to their influence on his thinking is proof enough that Jackson speaks the truth. Only the disengenuous support of the mainstream media has rendered this a debatable assertion.

The support of religious Muslims in fighting abortion on demand and against promoting homosexuality in sex education classes would be a valuable addition to struggles on these issues. Victory in these areas would improve the climate in which America’s children of all faiths are raised. Instead, they are supporting a hater of Israel and an advocate of America’s weakness. His policies will endanger the transmission of their faith to their children. In Israel, suicide bombers are sacrificing their children’s lives to destroy Israel. In America they are sacrificing their children’s souls. How sad. Sphere: Related Content

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