Friday, November 14, 2008

Abortion, and Family Values, Their Price and Their Cost

There is a hidden short hand in “Help Wanted ads. “Gal Friday” or “Guy Friday” has the following translation.

“If I call you a secretary or executive assistant, I’ll have to pay you more. This is a low wage position.”

“Young man wanted”. translates as “You can’t support a wife and kids on this salary. Do you live with your parents? That’s good.

If the sign in the window says “Se busca trabajo.” It is a help wanted sign that also translates as “Minimum wage paid here.”

The capitalist system is supposed to work for the entrepreneur and for the worker. Loyal workers who consider the welfare of the boss to be their own are what keeps the system running.

I strongly dislike conspiracy theories. I believe that there is a bedrock of self interest that drives individuals to act in their own self interest. In addition to this is altruism, a compassion for others that springs from a mix of human compassion and religious values. Political parties and organisations are driven by this mix. I have found this explanation to be far more satisfying than conspiracy theories.

I have returned repeatedly to the theme of abortion, which is mislabeled as a feminist cause as well as gay rights. I do not for one second believe that a devotion to women’s rights is what makes legalised abortion an entrenched part of our political culture. Economic motives are a far more convincing explanation to me than feminist convictions for why we have so many abortions.

It is far cheaper to pay a single worker or a married person who is determined to remain childless or have a single child. Human resource departments are well aware of the medical expenses of employees. Abortions or preferably birth control (I am not equating birth control with murder, but describing its depressing effect on population statistics.) have much lower price tags than delivering a child. Then children end up needing medical care as well. The only flaw in the economic logic is in America’s future. Small families constitute a smaller source of income for Social Security and pension plans. Children whose birth was prevented by whatever means must be replaced by immigration. The “right to die” movement also removes people from the receiving end of Social Security. You do not need a conspiracy for social and economic policies to evolve that make paying workers a cheap proposition. There is a powerful drive in the human intellect to act in one’s self interest.

No one would ever say, “I want cheap workers who won’t have kids. Let’s promote abortion and homosexuality.” That is too crass. Besides, economic choices are usually subconscious ones. The altruistic drive in human nature must be fed. And here is where humanity’s ability to delude itself comes into play.

Abortion is violent. Pulling someone’s feeding tubes and letting the die of thirst is truly horrible. But we lull ourselves to sleep with soft sounding phrases like “Right to choose,” “death with dignity” and women’s rights transform a brutal deprivation of life into an altruistic act. How many sick elderly who want to live feel a “duty to die” so their assets will remain after their passing? How many women in abusive relationships are browbeaten (or beaten) into going for an abortion that they really don’t want? Abortion and euthanasia do not impart any dignity to women or empower them in any significant way. Values and social rules are needed to accomplish this. But you will not hear this hidden aspect of abortion and euthanasia discussed. Why? Putting one’s conscience to sleep means not asking the wrong questions.

The Chinese have made the discovery that one child can be pampered at a lower cost than the austere sustenance of two or three children. They do not dress their economic logic in fancy verbiage. They are not “pro choice”. They will arrest a woman and force her to have an abortion. We are more sophisticated. We have created an economic climate in which millions will look at a budget that won’t budge and exercise their “right to choose.” Whether you are a “progressive” or a hard nosed business person, we all reap the benefits of a system that keeps the cost of labour down.

This is NOT a conspiracy. The economic motives for an “anti life” policy remain a driving force in the back of people’s minds in policy decision making. What is actively concealed is the racism that drives the promotion of abortion among African Americans and Hispanics.

An additional down side to abortion and euthanasia is that it devalues even those lives deemed worthy of preservation. Much of life is spent in physical decline. Those who choose death cause those who remain alive in a state of infirmity to question the value of their own lives. A life becomes something to disolve like a corporation when it starts costing money instead of producing wealth. There is a malignant quality to abortion and euthanasia that dehumanises even the robust and healthy in society.

A culture of life can not be separated from a “pro labour” political platform. Wages upon which a family can live and which make possible a stay at home parent are an investment. Divorce, juvenile delinquency and mental illness are all byproducts of underfunding the family and undermining its bedrock of traditional values. In a real sense, larger families provide an assurance that pensions and Social Security will remain solvent.

Family values means valuing the family and the labour upon which it depends. The cultural legacy of class warfare that is the trickle down legacy of Marxism has not only poisoned workers but bosses as well. An adversarial view of class relations creates a process that feeds on itself.

In truth , there is a division in human nature between entrepreneurs and workers. An ideal worker puts a ceiling on his material expectations in exchange for economic security. An entrepreneur is willing to exchange calculated risk for the promise of eventual gain. These two psychological classes need each other. In assumingan adverarial stance, they are drilling holes in a boat in which they both sit.

You can not separate family values and being “pro life” from valuing the worker and appreciating his needs. We are all part of a greater economic and social whole. altruism is simply the realisation that caring about others eventually boils down to caring about one’s self. The reservoir of inexplicable compassion must be fed by all who will eventually drink from it.

The telephone company in New York used to have a jingle that was very catchy. “We’re all connected.. New York Telephone”. When this world view spreads to our social outlook, then life as we know it will start to improve. I can not finish this article on a note that singles out workers or “big business” , men or women. A culture of life is up to us all. Sphere: Related Content

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