Sunday, November 16, 2008

Announcement To Readers and A Complaint Against Another Blog

Effective Tuesday, November 18 I will start cross posting all articles from and to I will continue to maintain and indefinitely to avoid confusing the readership on both sites. I will iron out some minor technicalities such as how to handle video content as well.

I am doing this because of the spelling difficulties presented by the original two site names. I have been told that although my site content is good, the names of my sites are too hard to remember. Maintaining the old sites is also a sentimental exercise. They were named after my grandmother and my great uncle. In their honour, the maintenance of the old sites is well worth the small extra effort.

I have a policy of permitting reposting of my articles on other sites if my site name AND url is included. The inclusion of the pseudonym of an authour does NOT constitute compliance. I am hoping eventually to go professional. Until I do, the small bit of publicity I get through appearing on larger sites suffices for me.

In keeping with the above policy, I gave a locally well known web site, permission to reprint my article" Youth At Risk And This Week's Torah Portion" I made slight stylistic modifications. My conditions for permitting them to use the article were those I have detailed in this article. used the pseudonym under which the article was written and did NOT attribute the article to my site. Despite repeated requests to insert proper attribution into the posting, they ignored my request. I am hereby serving notice of their act of plagiarism from my site. I was willing to post on out of respect to their readership despite misgivings about how the site is run and the embarrassment it has at times brought to the community by failure to properly screen comments on its posts. In the future, I will be sending my articles to other sites that observe the minimum of common decency in dealing with authours.

It would be an injustice to give what I feel is undeserved publicity without mentioning the other sites in Crown Heights that maintain a far higher level of journalistic integrity. I am including their links below. Sphere: Related Content

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Jonathan Bailey said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. If you can show that you had an agreement with them to add your name and URL then you might be able to get the work removed as a copyright infringement. If you want to try that, I can help.

Also, please avoid linking to them as that only drives more traffic to their site and boosts their Google ranking. If you feel the need to mention them, make the links text only. Google can not differentiate between good/bad links.

Hope that this helps!