Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Letter Back To An Internet Scammer

Subject : Calling_For_Help,
Date : Thu, 6 Nov 2008 17:53:12 +0100
From : "pam>(deleted
To : "pam

Calling For Help,

Hope this mail meets you well, please permit me to introduce my self to you, my name is Pamela J I am 20 years old, the only child of Late Mr. Kenneth J who was a famous cocoa merchant based here in Abidjan , the Economic capital of Ivory Coast ( Cote D'ivoire). I am seeking for your assistance to help me transfer the sum of (10,500,000.00) Ten Million Five hundred Thousand United State of American Dollars that I inherited from my late father to your bank account.
I am willing to offer you 15% of the total fund as a mode of compensation after the transfer for your time and effort. All the necessary documents concerning this fund is intact. Please get back to me ASAP through my private email address ( more details concerning this fund and I will equally send you my photos so that you will see and know whom I am.

If you agree on this proposal and ready to assist me please indicate by furnishing me with your phone and fax numbers including your full address to enable easy communication between me and you.
Yours Faithfully,
Pamela J .

And then my reply

Dear Pamela !!! Greetings and Salutations!! Heavenly Blessings !!! May the blessings rain upon you from heaven beneath the wings of ravens who have feasted in prune orchards. May their heavenly droppings never cease to pepper your weary brow as you look heavenward!!!

Today is your lucky day!!! My sanity hearing is coming up. The low life slime bucket who voted against me last time finally croaked. I think it was the curse from the voodoo priest on my locked ward. That cost me about fifteen cigarettes, but it was worth it. I am actually Mao tse tung's illegitimate son from his Irish-Hatian mistress so money is no problem . All I want you to do is to knit me a scarf and pack it up in crumpled hundred dollar bills that have sat in the light of a full moon on a slightly rainy night on damp ground. They have to be packed very tightly around the scarf, so the spirits can talk to me during my sanity hearing. Other than that , I don't need any money. I am a very spiritual man.

Please e mail me back and let me Know if you can help.


Osbourne Toussaint Tse tung

P.S. My wise Irish grandfather, the late Pogue Mahone used to say "May your face be annointed with morning dew.( I think he meant doo.)

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Findalis said...

What she didn't follow up your request? Some nice rich person.