Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Community Response From Crown Heights to Events in Mumbai


The eyes of the world are upon Mumbai, financial centre of India, a nation of over a billion people. Hotels have been set ablaze and train stations raked with gunfire. India is a patchwork of religions, languages and castes. It has 150 million Muslims, more than Pakistan or Bangla Desh. Its peace and unity rest upon its many nationalities and faith communities respecting the laws that enable them to live in peace in one country.

Reports indicate that the terrorists come from outside India. With no investment in the peace that makes work , worship and leisure possible in India, they have abrogated all laws of human decency to press their case. The "heaven" into which they wish to force the entire human race would be hell for the rest of us. They have shown us what is sacred to them by the lawlessness with which they press their case. They have betrayed the G-d to whom they pay false lip service by committing violence against innocents in His name.
Many in Brooklyn are from India. The Jewish Community of Crown Heights is tied to Mumbai by the presence of the Chabad House that was taken over in that city. The feeling is prevalent that this attack was an attack against our families and the Jewish nation.

Tomorrow, Friday November 27 at 11:00 AM, there will be a press conference and public gathering at Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway. It has been called by State Senator Eric Adams, who is also founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement. It will be an occasion to express sorrow and outrage as well as to pray for peace, healing and revenge upon the perpetrators of this outrage against India and humanity.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Perhaps, too, if you go, you can ask that all of you all pray for the Christians who are being murdered by the hundreds by "radical" Hindus.

Or the Coptic Christians who, in Egypt, are under assault by Egyptian Muslims.

Magdeburger Joe said...

That has been a central focus of aand I agree with you about the need to focus on this