Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forced Abortion and Organ Harvesting In China: We Can Not Plead Ignorance!!

Americans live with the happy illusion that China is evolving towards democracy, or at least a semblance of the freedoms we enjoy in America. Cheap electronics, shoes and clothing with tags saying “Made in China” are almost like bribes to consumers not to ask too many questions. There is a stock market in China. People own businesses and drive cars. The consumerism there seems to mark a total departure from the spartan totalitarianism and androgynous uniformity of Chairman Mao’s time.

It can not be denied that there has been a revolution in China. But it is equally true that it is a tightly managed revolution. The free enterprise that has developed in China is not accompanied by political or religious freedom. To the contrary, dissent is harshly repressed. Religion is tolerated only within state churches such as the “Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.” Catholic clergy who remain loyal to Rome as well as Protestant clergy in underground “house churches” risk arrest and imprisonment.

It would be a mistake to think that the Chinese Communists simply distrust the west and its religious traditions. The Falun Gong, an indigenous Chinese religious group suffered a harsh crackdown in the mid 1990’s when the Chinese government grew fearful of their mass following. Tens of thousands of Falun Gong languish in prisons and labour camps. It is clear that the concept of an independent church or faith community without government controls is very threatening to the Chinese Communist Party. Investigations have revealed the complete utter ruthlessness of the Chinese in keeping matters of faith under tight government control.

Forced Abortion has long been public knowledge, ever since Steven W. Mosher traveled to China in 1979 to work as a social scientist. What he discovered there shocked him and imbued him with a sense of mission that changed the course of his life. Since having encountered forced abortions in that country, he has made it his life’s mission to combat it.

The capitalism that has revived in China is welcomed in the west as a sign of western political values winning over bankrupt communist ideology. In truth, Chinese free enterprise has mutated horribly. Not only is every type of clothing and electronics for sale in China. human organs are for sale in China as well. They are most often taken from prisoners, whose executions are timed to optimise their value to transplant surgeons. The prisons and medical facilities have a close working relationship. The deaths of prisoners are orchestrated not for the needs of justice but to avoid destroying organs that can be sold.

It should be noted that many capital crimes in China are perfectly legal here. Falun Gong practitioners are deemed to be criminals according to the laws of China, as are Catholics loyal to the Pope. Falun Gong members have been targeted for China’s organ transplant industry. The reports have been recurring. They have come from sources independent of each other. These claims have been investigated by human rights organisations in the West that have assembled voluminous collaboration of the allegations.

The Laogai Research Foundation, named after the Laogai, China’s answer to the gulag also provides information about human rights violations within China. Search terms such as “forced abortions in China ” and “organ harvesting in China” yield a mountain of evidence of China’s dismal human rights record that can be cross checked and evaluated. You Tube also has a wealth of such materials.

We can not in the age of the internet claim ignorance of the suffering in China . We can not plead ignorance to the dark underside of transplant tourism.

There is the larger question of whether a consumer wants to economically support a regime that turns murder into an industry for profit, and whether we want to subsidise the forced abortions so prevalent in China.

Since 1949, the Communist government has sought to create the “new socialist man”. Millions who did not fit the mold were murdered over the years of communist rule. In almost sixty years, the secular humanist religion of communism has not replaced Christianity, Islam or Chinese indigenous forms of spirituality. Even some of the descendants of Chinese Jews in the city of Kaifeng are seeking to return to their ancestral faith.

The Chinese government responds to the faith yearnings of its people like the old man in Edgar Allen Poe’s story “The Telltale Heart.” by Edgar Allan Poe

In the story, an man who has murdered someone and buried him beneath the floor of his house. As the story progresses, the man descends into madness, hearing the heart of his victim beating beneath the floor boards. It seems a fitting metaphor for the paranoia of a dictatorial regime that has tried to extinguish the opposition and the faith of its citizens. The critical point of departure for this metaphor is that the heart of faith and spiritual yearning still beats in the chests of China’s people. it is not the delusional nightmare of Poe’s story but an unstoppable truth. As the Chinese government murders innocent infants and people of faith, the grief and anger of their bereaved survivors stands as an accusation against the regime that enslaves its people. It becomes an powerful force that will one day topple the regime, showing it to be yet another paper tiger from Chairman Mao’s book of quotations.

The Chinese Communist regime cannot silence the beating hearts of murdered innocents. They can not extinguish sadness and yearning with material prosperity either. Amos 8:11 in the Jewish scriptures bears an eerie resemblance to prosperous modern China’s predicament today.

Behold, the days come, saith the L-rd GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of HaShem.

That is a famine that sweeps not only China but America as well. We who are free should struggle not only for our own redemption but for the freedom of those like the Chinese who must suffer in silence. We must not stand idly by their blood.

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