Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay Militants Go “Wilding” in Attack On Christian Church

Before the election, I had resolved to make religious freedom one of my high priorities. Persecution of Christians in Muslim countries and in India have been subjects I have covered on American Sentinel, and It is now clear to me that religious freedom is under attack here in the United States of America.

According to Wake Up America , the New Hope Curch, a Christian church in Lansing, Michigan was attacked by members of a militant gay group known as “Bash Back”. Wake Up America reprinted the boasting account of the attack from the group’s own newsletter as follows.

A group stood up, declared themselves fags, and began screaming loudly. Upon hearing the loud interruption, other affinity groups went into action. A team that had been hiding under the pews in the closed-off balcony dropped a banner and pulled back the curtains to reveal “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!”. Another group threw over a thousand fliers to the entirety of the congregation. The fire alarm was pulled. Queers began making out in front of the pastor. And within a matter of minutes, everyone had evaded the guards and made their escapes.

Bash Back! operatives, still hidden among the congregation observed a person screaming that Satan had come to Mount Hope, that the end was here, that the queers were everywhere. She then began speaking tongues. The dumbfounded pastor, after regaining his composure, went on to speak of the of decadent, depraved wolves that menace his flock of sheep.

Let it be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!

We are everywhere.

The published account is in effect a written confession to a hate crime. The people in the church were exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. Like millions across America, they espouse the belief that G-d through scripture prohibits homosexuality. They were attacked for these beliefs in a premeditated manner. What will be done to defend this besieged congregation?

Who are the people of New Hope Church and what was their “crime” ? The article continues with an excerpt fromRight Michigan which describes the church as follows.

“Mount Hope, for the record, is an evangelical, bible believing church whose members provide free 24 hour counseling, prayer lines, catastrophic care for families dealing with medical emergencies, support groups for men, women and children dealing with a wide variety of life’s troubles, crisis intervention, marriage ministries, regular, organized volunteer work in and around the city, missions in dozens of countries across the globe, a construction ministry that has built over 100 churches, schools, orphanages and other projects all over the world and an in-depth prison ministry that reaches out, touches and helps the men and women the rest of society fears the most. They also teach respect for all human life and the Biblical sanctity of marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.”

I would like to know how many people “Bash Back” has helped? Have they visited a prison? Have they worked in an aids hospice? How did they thank the congregation for its good works?

They did it with banners, chants, blasphemy, by storming the pulpit, by vandalizing the church facility, by potentially defiling the building with lewd, public, sex acts and by intentionally forcing physical confrontations with worshipers.

There is a critical distinction that is being lost, of which Bash Back is only the most blatant manifestation. There is a separation between church and state in America. A church can prescribe a code of conduct and belief for its membership. It can even urge others to adopt that code. But as long as it does not physically compel others to observe and believe as they do then they are completely within their rights. You can believe that your neighbour is going to hell when he dies. No problem. It is attempts to send him there ahead of schedule or to open a branch office of hell on earth that get you into hot water.

There was a white supremacist group that was sued under RICO statutes for terrorist acts it committed as part of its activities. They were sued in civil court. The entire property of the organisation was transferred to their victims who were party to a law suit against the organisation.

Conservative Christians, Orthodox Jews, Mormons and other people of faith are being banished to the margins of American society. Values being promoted in some public schools such as gay rights and non marital sex are an anathema to many who send their children to such schools. Through the Blaine Amendment, religious schools may not receive government money. For the first hundred years of America’s history, this discriminatory approach to the separation of Church and State did not exist. When it was passed in the mid 1870’s by Congress and ratified by a large number of states , it won popular support on a wave of bigotry towards Irish Catholic immigrants. This injustice to Irish Catholics is now an affliction to all citizens of faith. The Lansing attack shows just how besieged the historical faith of America’s majority is under attack.

This desecration of a house of worship is a wake up call to all Americans who favour freedom of belief and practice in America. Physical defense of houses of worship as well as lobbying law enforcement, legislators and public opinion are going to be high priorities in the years ahead. The New Hope Church in Lansing must not stand alone . The attack on their rights and the disruption of their peace is an attack on us all. Sphere: Related Content

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