Sunday, November 2, 2008

Howard Stern Explores Racism and Election 2008

Is there racism in the electorate? Are there voters to whom the race of the candidate they oppose is an automatic "deal breaker"? It is hard to get a straight answer from people when you ask them if they are prejudiced. We have progressed as a society to the point that it is a shameful thing to be a bigot. It is also shameful to accuse a voter of racism when there are other factors driving their choice. One of the best lines I ever heard in this election about Obama is "It doesn't bother me that he is Black, it bothers me that he is green."

Aside from a polygraph, there are few reliable ways to determine racial prejudice with any certainty. Howard Stern, the famous "shock jock" used a Sean Hannity trick that raises some interesting questions. Sean Hannity likes to interview people on the street with an obvious question such as "Who is the Vice-President or "What party is President Bush"? Invariably, he will get answers that are way off target, answers that make you frightened for the future of our country.

Howard Stern did a spin off on this type of entertainment. He went to Harlem, and told people Obama's campaign positions, asking them if they agreed. The only difference was, he told them McCain's positions and labeled them as Obama's. Person after person expressed their agreement with McCain's views, when it was said that they were the opinions of Barack Obama.

When you combine the results of this sampling with the 95% of the vote that Obama is getting, it certainly raises some interesting questions. Despite this interesting body of circumstantial evidence, Democrats like John Murtha are scrutinising white voters for bigotry.

What would Presidential elections be like with no photography and only radio coverage. Imagine an election with no racism and no race cards. Are we ready for that? Sphere: Related Content

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