Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Campaign Workers Unpaid And Angry

This video got pulled down from You tube. It shows angry Obama campaign workers demanding to get paid. Apparently they had worked very hard canvassing for Obama, but have not yet received their paychecks. It kind of makes you wonder where all that money went that was being raised hand over fist to elect The Great One.

The other issue here is a free speech issue. Why do anti Obama videos keep disappearing. Now that he is going to be President, he has to get used to the free wheeling scrutiny and satire that made eight years of George Bush so entertaining. Psychologically there is a certain enjoyment that comes out of being a social critic.

The only time I get short tempered is when my free speech gets threatened. The "fairness doctrine is going to be a tempting target. Anyone supporting it will have ridicule heaped on his head for being thin skinned and averse to criticism.

So listen up Democrats. Now we are the critics, just like the Smothers Brothers were back in the Sixties. We're going to be doing protest marches and canvassing. The only difference is that instead of those funky underground newspapers, we're gonna have blogs.

Remember how Chairman Mao said to "Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom?" Well there is going to be a lot of action on You Tube and elsewhere. You'll try to get rid of it, but it will be like kicking mushrooms off your lawn in the morning dew. You'll keep kicking, and we'll keep coming back. Let a hundred mushrooms bloom!!! Sphere: Related Content

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