Thursday, November 13, 2008

Opportunities for "Reeducation": (While America Slept) Rahm Emmanuel and "Public Service"

When someone wants to be President, a good reporter will look at everything in order to gain and impart an understanding of his approach to government. What does he read? Who are his friends? What is his temperament?

We did not see such news coverage during the Presidential campaign. Beyond the obvious bits of information such as race and skin colour, Barack Obama received very shallow treatment.

One of his closest advisers is now his chief of staff. His name is Rahm Emmanuel. He did not make any hateful speeches like Reverend Wright. He goes back a long time with Obama in Chicago. And we only started to hear about him after Barack Obama was elected.

According to World Net Daily , Obama has some very interesting ideas about national service. His plans are specific and thought out. They sound like the product of a leftist all night brainstorming session. What is more remarkable is that the video is from back in 2006, during which Emmanuel discusses a book he wrote about a national service plan, which according to him would involve three months of training while possibly living away from home .

Admittedly, the proposal of Rahm Emmanuel who is now Obama's chief of staff does not involve bearing arms, but it does quite possibly involve a component of civic education. If this takes place in an agency established by the Obama administration, there is a distinct possibility of "reeducation" or indoctrination.

The military has since going coed had considerable issues with sexual liasons and pregnancies among their coed military. There has also been sexual harassment issues. It is hard to imagine an organisation such as that described by Rahm Emmanuel that would not have the same problems.

Israel, which has universal conscription has a special national service option for religious girls who might be troubled by the modesty issues of regular military service. If an Obama administration is going to create "labour batallions", a similar accomodation for religious and modesty objections would be critical.

Rahm Emmanuel's ideas are according to the video with this posting thought out in detail. Is this why he has a place in the Obama administration? To what extent are his ideas going to be promoted?

America has a vast network of private charity devoted to public service. America's collective compassion is a vast public resource. Is Obama planning to nationalise it? People like to perform public service in the name of their chosen faith. Will we now be feeding the hungry and tending to the sick in the name of our G-d or the name of Obama?

This interview took place in 2006. Rahm Emmanuel has been visible in the Obama campaign for months. Why is this information only now coming to light. Was it hidden? If so, then why?

These are questions that beg answers. There is too much fine print, and too much at stake. We must not sign off America's freedoms and way of life without open public discussion. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Public service can be a very good thing. If it is defintely going to happen, I would suggest that you write a business plan or outline for this service and send it to Rahmbo; something that you would find acceptable.

Magdeburger Joe said...

We have to stop being passive. We are a part of what does or does not happen. There are a lot of charitable groups out there already. Obama is playing catch up with them. They are the ones who have to make propesals