Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sugar Sweet Obama Coverage At the New York Post: Bad For My Health

The doctor says I really have to watch my sugar. Despite that, I picked up a New York Post, loaded with syrupy sweet Obama coverage. So now I’m staying away from it for a week, or until my sugar comes down.

Whenever I cheat and pig out on my daughter’s chocolate cake, I spend about three days trying to bring my sugar down. I was a good boy this week. I only had one piece…. OK so it was two pieces. But it was really like one big piece.

Now I have to watch myself for the rest of the week, and it’s not the fault of my daughter’s cake, it’s because of the New York Post coverage of Barack Obama.


Then they follow up with a description of Obamian hipness.

A weekday evening at home. Jay-Z is playing in one room. The Jonas Brothers in another. Mom is putting on a Narciso Rodriguez dress. Dad is checking a Twitter feed on his BlackBerry. Dinner was bought at the local farmer’s market. Topic of conversation: “Who are we voting for on ‘American Idol’?”

It could be any young family in Williamsburg or Harlem. Except this house has a famous circular office, and there are agents with machine guns on the roof. The first couple of cool, Barack and Michelle Obama, are sitting down to a meal with their daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7.

In another part of the paper, they talk uncritically about Obama’s proposal to have another stimulus package before January 20th. The stimulus package sounds indistinguishable from the one that failed to prevent the disaster on Wall Street. The Democrats were scoffing at the idea when it was the Republicans trying to shore up support. Now Obama wan’ts to spice up his Presidential honeymoon with a stimulus package, and it’s a great idea. I guess that is how it is when you are hip.

The frosting on the cake, the coupe de grace that made me throw down the New York Post in disgust was the FULL SIZE COLOR POSTER OF BARACK OBAMA.

Looking at that was like drinking what you thought was a diet coke and finding that is loaded with sugar.

So now I am faced with a problem. All that sugary sweet Obama coverage in the Post is bad for my health. The doctor says I have to watch my sugar. So sorry about that . I have to stay away from the New York Post for at least a week. If my sugar is back to normal, I’ll look at the diet version of the post on line and see if it’s safe. Until then, I have to stick to sugar free news coverage. No fluffy cotton candy. Just straight news. Whole grain, no preservatives. That’s what the doctor ordered.

I hear that circulation is down at the New York Post. And diabetes is way up in New York City. That’s a lot more people laying off the cotton candy. And a lot more people staying away from its journalistic equivalent. So to all of you at the New York Post. Sorry about that. Nothing personal. Thanks for the memories. Sphere: Related Content

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