Friday, November 14, 2008

Thoughts of Orianna Fallaci and Filip deWinter of the Vlaams Belang

There are not too many people like Orianna Fallaci left in the world. She is most famous for her confrontational style of interviewing world famous political figures such as Ayatollah Khomeini and Henry Kissinger. Kissinger described the interview as "the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press." Her interview with Khomeini ended when she ripped off her hair covering and threw it down in front of him.

She fought on behalf of the partisans as a teen and was almost killed covering riotis in Mexico City in 1968. She had impeccable leftist credentials until she started attacking islamofascism in Europe Her book "The Rage and the Pride" dealt with islamofascism and was written in the aftermath of 9/11. It had the distinguishing characteristic of being written in English with an Italian accent. It was moving and effective as such, conveying a heartfelt anger.

Although sympathetic to feminism, one of her shorter and more powerful works was "Letter to a Child Never Born." which is as its title suggests a letter of a mother to her unborn child. It is very effective in taking the reader to that mystical frontier where two separate lives are biologically and emotionally intertwined.

It is a pleasure to follow the thoughts of those who chase after truth as after a cordless kite, caring not whose flowers are trampled. In honour of Ms Fallaci who passed away on September 15, 2006, I am posting links to video of a speech by Filip deWinter. He is the leader of the Vlaams Belang, a Belgian political party that advocates Flemish seccession from Belgium. In a country with only 25,000 Jews, he has staunchly defended Israel's right to defend itself. It is a position he clings to out of principal. It probably costs him more votes than he gains.

I far prefer Filip DeWinter and his Vlaams Belang to the hypocritical European left. These are people who piously lay wreaths at Yad Vashem and then counsel Israel to commit suicide. They label DeWinter falsely with the F word (fascist) These hypocritical political parties oppose every Israeli effort to defend themselves. As far as I am concerned, they can go to hell.

I am posting these links of Filip De Winter Speaking in English. He has a message worth listening to . I am posting the speech as a gesture of gratitude for his principled support of Israel.

Filip DeWinter Part 1

Filip DeWinter Part Two

DeWinter Part Three

DeWinter Part Four

DeWinter Part Five

DeWinter Part Six

DeWinter Part Seven
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