Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Intimidation In Philadelphia

Acts of blatant voter intimidation are occurring in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where men in Black Panther garb are standing in the path of voters wishing to enter the polling place. A Republican poll watcher at the scene was told by people on duty at the polling site that it didn't matter, that Obama was going to be President.

In another location, a Republican poll watcher was ejected from the premises. There was very little police presence at polling locations across Philadelphia, and their response to reports of intimidation was very mild.

According to all accounts, Pennsylvania is a battleground state. The possibility for mischief at unwatched voting machines is very high. In elections where a narrow margin can decide victory, the incentive to cheat is high. We had three such elections in New York City, one in which Rudy Giuliani was narrowly defeated, and the others in which he won. A friend of mine who was at the polls saw a voting machine that had 1500 votes on it when the polls opened. The only reason the machine was flagged was because of Giuliani supporters who did not want to be defrauded. If you have a Democratic voting location from which trained poll watchers have been ejected, the potential for mischief is high.

Other locations are shutting down because there are broken machines and no paper ballots.

The alarm needs to be sounded nationwide that voters are being intimidated. Local authorities need to be goaded into action. Additionally, turnout must be high in this election. The response to voter intimidation must be DEFIANCE !!! Those who would hijack an election deserve to lose. Fraud can change results by a few points, but it cannot reverse a landslide.

There is a philosophical question of whether or not the ends justify the means. The means used to achieve an objective affect the outcome of the objective. A candidate who achieves office through corruption will himself be corrupted. The measures taken by Obama's supporters bode ill for an Obama presidency.

If you have not voted, then VOTE!! This election is important. Do not let anyone tell you your vote does not matter. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Agreed! I voted a few minutes ago fof John McCain. Whichever candidate you support, let no one use indimitation and fear to force your vote otherwise! Defy tyrrany with liberty!

Oregon4Obama said...

Whoa, Slow Down

"The measures taken by Obama's supporters bode ill for an Obama presidency."

its true.....these guys dont speak for Obama
its like the Aryan Brotherhood or those skinheads Dont speak for McCain......

Im sure we will hear more stories like this....just wait

it will be an interesting day nonetheless.....cheers

Tim said...

No one seemed to care when voter intimidation against democrats was a serious issue in Ohio and Florida in 2000 and 2004. Maybe now that it's going the other direction something will actually be done about it. I worked on a campaign in 2006 in the Philadelphia suburbs and witnessed tons of voter discrimination against democrats. Nothing was done.

This is a matter of equal access and civic fairness. It's amazing to me how people only care when they stand to benefit somehow.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. I bet some republicans paid some homeless guys off the street to dress like that and 'intimidate' voters.

Now they will be able to cry intimidation when they lose. This whole thing is so pathetic. When did the Republican Party become the party of crybabies?

Dear fox new, one instance does not equal ‘wide spread.’

Anonymous said...

"Democrat stations?" Please give me a break with this phony outrage.

I would be $1000 that these guys were Republican guys ludicrously dressed up as Black Panthers to give Obama a bad name. It's the kind of Machiavellian thing Karl Rove would dream up. If not..and they were real guys gone crazy..(I sincerely doubt it) let's just put things in perspective for a second: how do you think Bush won 2000 (voter purging and Diebold) and even some parts of the '04 results were a little dubious.

The very idea of "democrat mischief" when compared to the win-at-all-costs standard state of play of the Republican machine is so laughable as to be absurd .

Anonymous said...

you want to see REAL voter fraud, right now - today?

This is what I'm talking about:


Anonymous said...

more voter fraud and intimidation:


Anonymous said...

oh...and here's the REAL story, quoting Rick Leventhal himself, no distortions or lies.

There was NO EVIDENCE that any voter intimidation occurre dor that anyone was prevented from voting"

take a look..


and when you're done, might I suggest getting on the RIGHT side of Light, rather than proselytizing for the neocon liars who hijacked the Republican party?

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. I've lived in Philadelphia and if you expect me to believe that WHITE people are being ejected from the polls, then you've been drinking the kool-aid. I and every white person I know have cell phones and would call our representatives in a second at the first sign of trouble. If Obama wins, SHUT THE F**K UP and accept it and stop crying wolf.