Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thoughts About the Death of Aryeh Leib Teitelbaum (May G-d Avenge His Blood)

One of the Jews killed in Mumbai was anti zionist. His family did not want any state involvement in his funeral. He was still Jewish enough to be killed

Years ago, those who opposed the State of Israel wore a fig leaf of “anti-zionism”. The official line was that they had nothing against Jews, but simply opposed the State of Israel. This fig leaf of respectability has been discarded by Israel’s enemies of today, who prefer to go “au naturel” with undisguised raw Jew-hatred.

The latest proof of this comes not from Mossad wiretaps of terrorists but from Jews who themselves oppose the very existence of the State of Israel.

According to Y net News, “The family of slain Hasid Aryeh Leib Teitelbaum has informed the government that it would like the State not to intervene with his funeral.

According to a family member, “Holding a Zionist funeral for Teitelbaum, who was a Satmar Hasid, would desecrate the dead man’s honor.” The family demanded not to have a government representative at the funeral and that the casket, which will be flown into Israel today, would not be covered with the Israeli flag.”

There are many Jews in chassidic and other Orthodox groups who believe that Jews should wait for the coming of Moshiach (the Messiah) to come to Israel. Such individuals accord the State as little recognition as possible, not taking citizenship or government benefits from it. Many others oppose the Israeli state’s secular character but support it in practical ways, serving in its army and voting in its elections

Aryeh Leib Teitelbaum was a memmber of a group that did not recognise the State of Israel in any way. Despite this, he was killed in Mumbai. Being a Jew sufficed as reason to kill him. It was not the first time that an anti-zionist Jew was killed by Jew hating Arabs. Some such individuals have been killed in Israel as well.

New york Jewish life reminds me a lot of my family. Some of my friends are anti zionist Jews. Others have fought in the Israeli army. We work for each other, rent from each other , drink together and pray together. We also fight together. If the world could fight like we do, the world would be a lot different.

It is odd to me that political differences influenced the funeral arrangements. The blood of murdered Jews ran together in Mumbai, yet the dead were buried separately.

Aryeh Leib Teitelbaum’s family by adhering to his wishes inadvertently made a valuable point about Jew hatred in our time. Just like in the time of the Nazis, every Jew from the bareheaded Communist to the black hatted orthodox in Brooklyn is now a target, regardless of their support for or opposition to the State of Israel.

It remains a debated matter whether or not this pervasive hatred proves the need for the State of Israel. Arye Leib Teitelbaum would not think so. He would probably present a well reasoned case in a calm way for opposing secular Zionism. The Mumbai Muslim terrorists deprived him of that chance. To them, he was as much of an enemy as would be an Israeli soldier taking them prisoner.

Israel will not back down. Ultimately it has no choice but to defend itself. Chabad has already resumed operations in Mumbai. If past experience is any indication, Chabad will increase in strength, reaching out to even more Jews.

Arye Leib Teitelbaum died for his faith , united in death with Jews who believed quite differently from him. Against his will, he made a valuable point about the blindness of the Islamist hatred of Jews. May his memory be a blessing. May his blood be avenged.

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