Monday, December 1, 2008

Thoughts Before the Holtzberg's Funeral In Israel

My family and I are going at 5:45Am today to a levaya, a funeral for Rabbi and Mrs. Holzberg. Rage has been my companion since the news came to us of their brutal murder. I am weary and the ache of sadness has overtaken me, the sadness not only of their loss but of those who died in the same time. It is a sadness at the depths to which humanity sinks when they bow down to a god fashioned in their own image.

In a dark room, the light of a candle shines brightly. In contrast to the spiritual darkness of their murderers, the Holtzberg's life shines as an example to many. Not only those who came into contact with them but those who are onl now hearing of the manner in which they lived their lives.

The murderers of the Holtzbergs , and among them I include their trainers and financiers worship a god created in their own image of whom it is said in the Hallel prayer "Those who make them will become like them." The poisonous fruit of their deeds is the logical outcome of the false god that they worship.

The Holtzberg's life of service is the logical outcome of their sincere worship of a true G-d and His true revelation through Torah.

Hatred was shown to the entire Jewish people at the Chabad House of Mumbai and to all of humanity through the general attacks in the city. Revenge upon the perpetrators is a sacred duty. Anyone who impedes this is exposing innocents to risk in the future.

Not all can participate in the sacred mitzvah of bringing such evil people to justice. But there is a saying in Jewish tradition "A bit of light dispels much darkness." This is not only true on a physical level, but also on in spiritual and practical ways. A kind word or even a kind glance can warm a person who is chilled by misfortune. Teaching someone a trade or literacy can transform their entire life. Bringing peace between husband and wife can light up an entire childhood.

One of my personal resolutions is to put to rest arguments that are needless. A general resolution I have is to identify moments that are morally neutral and infuse them with some form of positivity. When I am tired, my decision is to light a candle in the form of a good deed in honour of the Holtzbergs. If they were to meet me, they would probably tap into wellsprings of motivation and enthusiasm. This is the feeling they emanate.

By perpetuating the faith and works for which the Holtzbergs died, I hope to magnify the failure of the terrorists in Mumbai.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe , whose teachings guided the Holtzbergs throughout their lives started an organisation for Jewish children called Tzivaos Hashem. The English translation of this name is "The Army of G-d." The Rebbe stressed that good deeds and learning Torah were weapons in defense of the Jewish people. I honour the memory of the Rebbe's murdered emmisaries along with that of soldiers who fell in defense of Israel.

The only way I can spit on the memory of the Mumbai killers is to love the people, the land and the Torah they so completely despise. I am proud to be hated by such wretched specimens. We are a stiff necked people. Am Yisrael chai!! The Jewish people lives on!! Shema Yisrael A-onai Elokeynu Hashem Echad. Hear Oh Israel The L-rd our G-d the L-rd is One.


I am honouring the Holtzbergs with a video that was posted in their honour on You Tube as well as a video that was posted for fallen Israeli soldiers. I honour their memory together. Sphere: Related Content

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