Tuesday, January 13, 2009

European Court of Human Rights Slams Orthodox Judaism as a "Cult"

A child custody case that was heard by the European Court of Human Rights was an occasion for some extremely derogatory statements about Orthodox Judaism.Vos iz Neias reports the story as follows.

European Court of Human Rights in France Lausanne, Switzerland - The justices of the European Court of Human Rights believes that the Orthodox Jewish movements citing Chabad organization is "fanatical, dangerous and radical", Arutz-7 reports.

The circumstances under which the European Court of Human Rights justices expressed their opinion of Orthodox Jews involved a question of a Chabad family of extradition where a mother who had kidnapped her child from Israel was appealing his extradition to Israel. The four-year old child's father had become a Chabad chassid, and the mother claimed that contact with the father would endanger the child. Isabel Neulinger had hidden her child in the trunk of the car when she crossed Israel's border by car to Taba in Egypt 3 years ago. She took a flight in Egypt to Europe to distant her child from her former husband. Israeli courts ruled that she Mrs. Neulinger had kidnapped the child and even issued an arrest order against her for the kidnapping.

Let's look at this on instant replay. A woman sticks her kid in the trunk of her car and drives to Egypt. She's doing what is known as kidnapping, custodial interference. International law prohibits it.

So this fine mother claims that Orthodox Jews are dangerous fanatics. We dress funny. We make our kids learn this weird alphabet that looks bass ackwards to Europeans, who are modern and civilised. We send our kids to school at the age of three. And orthodox Jewish women cover their elbows and heads. How bizarre !!

A child in a Christian or secular home can go to a day care center when he or she is only a few weeks old. That is no problem. There are plenty of people who think that European parenting norms are flawed as well.

The mother who fled to Europe with her child then dragged the case through the courts for over two years and then had the audacity to say that a separation would cause the child psychological harm.

The courts managed to return the child to the father while at the same time condemning an orthodox Jewish environment as inherently injurious. Vos Iz Neias reports as follows.

"The mother's claims were bolstered by a Swiss psychologist who wrote a professional opinion that the child's emotional and physical well-being would be endangered by contact with the father.

After over a year of deliberations, the European justices ruled 4 to 3 to return the child to Israel. Although the majority of the justices agreed that Chabad is a dangerous, fanatical movement, the majority claimed that Israeli authorities would protect the child from harm.

Austrian justice Elisabeth Steiner, who wrote the minority opinion, snobbishly stated, "How can we as judges permit a child to be sent away from Europe to countries who do not share our European values?"

Ultimately, the court ruled that the government of Israel could adequately protect a child from a "fanatic" upbringing.

There are parenting behaviors that transcend political and religious boundaries. There are plenty of parents whose professed religion is mainstream who perpetrate abuse. There is a spectrum of parenting competence across the religious and political spectrum. Legal authorities and psychological experts should be factoring in their own prejudices when evaluating people from a group that seems strange to them.

The treatment of the observant Jewish father by the European courts was culturally biased and unscientific. It set up majority dress codes and schooling as a norm for acceptability in a European home. There are plenty of people who diverge in dress and customs from the mainstream. They should not all be considered guilty until proven innocent.

Europe had a Protestant religious movement. The idea of an alternative community separating from the mainstream and living according to its own version of truth is not new in Europe, America or anywhere else.

The European court's manifest disapproval of Torah Judaism shows a dogmatic narrow mindedness that purports to be modern and pluralistic. Their dismissal of Judaism's legitimacy sets up a judicial precedent for other manifestations of official intolerance.

To dismiss a religion or sect as dangerous should be done only as a last resort. Specific practices that constitute physical or psychological abuse should be cited and proven to be based on the religion in question rather than peculiar to an individual. "Funny clothes" do not constitute such abuse.

The European Court has shown itself to be shallow, bigoted and unscientific. It is poorly equipped by precedent or temperament to judge justly. The European Court needs to reexamine its attitudes towards minority religions. America was founded in part by refugees fleeing European persecution. We may need to open our doors yet again. How sad. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

The Austrian Shiksa Judge Elisabeth Steiner's comments are most appalling and reprehensible. Austria is not exactly a model for noble values. The guy that locked children in a basement for years and raped them is not a neighbor of Elisabeth Steiner? The Shiksa forgets the crimes committed by her ancestors six decades ago?

Michelle Nevada ([email protected]) said...


I wonder what the president in that court is for returning the children of Islamofacists?

I bet they don't have any problem with a female child returning to a country that regards her as chattel, will never give her a decent education, and will allow male relatives to murder her in the name of "honor."

But none of us are expecting anything from the Europeans but what we get: hate.

Let's not buy into the mythology that Hitler created Jew hatred. It was something deep and strong in the culture of Europe that he simply tapped into and used for his own twisted purposes.

The Europeans haven't changed a bit.

Findalis said...

You expect Europe to be sane? Not in this day and age.

The sanity of Europe has left. All that remains is the New Nazi Movement (aka Jihad) and their dhimmi followers.

The time has come for all Jews to leave Europe once and for all.