Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Blogoversary Today !!!

Today, rudistettner.com and its twin site magdeburgerjoe.com have been in existence for one year. During that time, the two sites have evolved towards a predominance of original posts.

Politics and music as well as commentary on Israel and Jewish affairs has been the main focus of my sites.

I have enjoyed tremendously writing for a thinly spread yet far flung audience. My affiliation with The American Sentinel has exposed me to people from different parts of the country with different viewpoints. After twenty five years of writing almost nothing, I felt a need to return to my high school past time. Blogging is the ideal medium. On the one hand, there is the solitude that one needs. On the other hand it is possible to visualise a vast audience. I have find that even those days when less than twenty people hit my site that I am grateful for the opportunity to reach out with my writing to strangers in cyberspace.

One handicap I unwittingly inflicted on myself was two blog names that are hard to spell correctly for English speakers. I found a remedy for this by establishing "The Winter Riders Group for both blogs. Each blog name is appended with the designation, "A Member of The Winter Riders Group". This has made it easier for people to google me. Indeed, if you google "The Winter Riders Group", it will bring Rudi Stettner and Magdeburger Joe to the top of the search page. This facilitates word of mouth advertising.

Life has come full circle for me in forty years. Back in 1969, I watched in dismay as Richard Nixon took the oath of office. I was fully into the political fashions of the day. I felt like I was in a political backwater. My homeroom teacher, Mrs Marchant and my Social studies teacher across the hall, Miss Mattison were unabashedly conservative from the Goldwater wingof the Republican Party. I still remember Miss Mattison talk about the idea of loyal opposition, of uniting for the good of the country yet remaining critical. Today I am far more dismayed at an Obama victory than I was at Nixon's forty years ago. Despite this, I feel that our nation's survival depends upon an understanding of this concept.

The ethnic cleansing of the Chinese living in Vietnam back in the 1970's as well as the Cambodian genocide vindicated much of what Mrs. Marchant and Miss Mattison tried to impress upon me . I still remember the political education I got that eventful year.

Despite this, my youthful infatuation with communism taught me a lot as well. Sitting in on Young Socialist Alliance Meetings taught me a lot about Marxism that I don't think is taught in school.

I hope that an abler organiser than myself will turn "labour conservatism " into a viable movement. The world suffers greatly when workers and business owners view each other as the enemy rather than needed partners. A working class that is merely subsisting can not sustain a robust economy. Today, the division of classes is transcontinental. We have fallen into the trap of using workers in developing countries to hammer down the wages of workers in the industrialised world. For the good of all the global partners in the world economy should complement each other.

Religious and political freedom are very important to me. The freedom to worship, organise and vote as one pleases is a primary concern of The Winter Riders.

I love Israel like I do my own family. I do not hide my support for it. At this stage in time, Israel looks to America as a cultural trend setter. I feel that it is important to make America into a fitting example for Israel to follow. My love for America is a part of my love for Israel. I hope this answers the question of readeras who want more coverage of Israel.

I believe that radical Islam has replaced international communism as the greatest threat to world peace. There are other types of Islam that are not now politically dominant. I believe that many in the Islamic world resent this militant minority. It is up to the silent majority in the Islamic world to assert themselves.

I say without apology that the one true religion for all humanity is Noahism, the commitment to the seven universal Noahide laws. They are listed in Askmoses.com as follows.

1. No idolatry - Prohibits the worship of any human or any created thing. Also prohibited is the making of idols and involvement with the occult. This necessitates an understanding of the One G-d and His nature.

2. No blasphemy - Prohibits a curse directed at the Supreme Being.

3. No homicide - Prohibits murder and suicide. Causing injury is also forbidden.

4. No theft - Prohibits the wrongful taking of another's goods.

5. No illicit intercourse - Prohibits adultery, incest, homosexual intercourse and bestiality, according to Torah definitions.

6. Don't eat a limb of a living creature - Promotes the kind treatment of animal life. It also encourages an appreciation for all kinds of life and respect for nature as G-d's creation.

7. Carry out justice - An imperative to pursue and enforce social justice, and a prohibition of any miscarriage of justice.

Even those who espouse Christianity or Islam can see the above comandments as the cornerstone of a social agenda.

On a lighter note, I believe that beauty is far more fairly distributed in the world than money. I remain committed to promoting music from around the world as well as art and literature. From Albanian cartoons to Zimbabwean music I have always been committed to the road less traveled.

On the bottom of my rudistettner.com page is a jukebox with a somewhat international selection of my favourite music. I hope to add a Jewish Jukebox on magdeburgerjoe.com as well as other audio channels.

Blogging has been tiring but most enjoyable. It is hard to keep up with all the projects that come up. There is a lot to write about and far too little time. I thank my readers for a great year. With G-d's help there may there be many more.

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