Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Note To My Readers and Thoughts About Lion King

During the next couple of days,the quantity (but hopefully not the quality) of my output on Rudi Stettner and Magdeburger Joe will drop. I am in the midst of transferring the second half of my articles that used to be American Sentinel exclusives. Since American Sentinel is down and in the process of restructuring, it is uncertain what would happen to my articles if I took no action. If I do not care about keeping my articles on the internet, I can not expect anyone else to.

Although the work of article recovery is tedious, I am picking up bits of technical knowledge and correcting typos along the way. Unfortunately, some articles are temporarily lost. Some loss of videos and graphics was unavoidable. Restoring and improving lost material will be an ongoing project.

The mistakes I have made that are now costing me valuable time have been a learning experience. I hope to remain in touch with my American Sentinel colleagues and to continue a political and journalistic collaboration with them. It has been very helpful in creative terms to visualise the AS audience when writing some articles and to visualise my J Blog Central audience for other articles.

I am including the description " a member of the Winter Riders Group" with both and in an effort to overcome the difficulties presented by my web site names which are hard for some to spell

I am also cleaning up some of the dead wood on both web pages. Hopefully, this will make them load faster. I am impatient to make quick work of this project so I can get back to the business of writing

Rather than bore my readers with tech notes, I have decided that it would be best to include some musical entertainment. I have always found the underlying themes of Lion King to be uplifting. The idea that we are not simply separate individuals but part of something greater is artfully presented in the Lion King series.

In Lion King Two is a moving song, "We Are One" in which the Lion King addresses his lioness cub about her duties as the daughter of royalty, how she is part of a royal family with a mission. The song is a dialogue in which the lioness cub expresses a desire to live for herself. The Lion King reminds her gently that she is a part of something greater than her individual transient wishes.

I have always viewed this song as allegorical. It reminds me very much of the conviction that a family has values and a mission that are its reason for existing. It certainly reminds me of the sense of mission that is central to the existence of the Jewish people. The fact that a lion is the symbol of the tribe of Yehuda gives the song added meaning .

Because of my Croatian background and the fact that my first spoken language is English, I have included the Croatian, Hebrew and English versions of the song. The Croatian and Hebrew videos have transliterated karaoke style subtitles.

I am sure that many of my readers would like to hear this and other Lion King songs in different languages. You Tube including even a Chinese version. I hope my readers enjoy these renditions as much as I do

Croatian version of "We Are One"

Hebrew version of "We are One"

English version of "We Are One" Sphere: Related Content

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