Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An All Time New Low : Raping Women and Recruiting Them As Suicide Bombers

Samira Ahmed Jassim , also known as the Mother of Believers is 50 years old. In her pious garb, she cut the profile of a religious grandmother. Indeed, imams referred young women to her for counseling. In wartime Iraq there is plenty of need for sage advice. Some of the women referred to Mrs. Jassim were rape victims. In Iraq, there is major stigma attached to being raped. Women find themselves unmarriageable after such an ordeal. Often they are shunned by their families.

Mrs Jassim offered unusual advice to the women she counseled. She persuaded them to become suicide bombers. Becoming a suicide bomber would according to Mrs Jassim erase the shame brought upon the families of the violated women. Conveniently for her distressed confidantes, Mrs Jassim was able to refer them to someone who would help them kill themselves.

According to Associated Press , Samira Jassim was not simply taking advantage of distressed women, she was creating them. According to Iraqi police reports, Mrs. Jassim herself has confessed to working in concert with the rape organisers to create suicide bombers. Associated Press reports as follows.

"In speaking with the AP — a week after her Jan. 21 arrest — Jassim repeated statements she had allegedly made to interrogators that insurgents organized rapes of women and that she would then try to coax the victims to become suicide bombers.

She said she was "able to persuade women to become suicide bombers ... broken women, especially those who were raped."

In many parts of Iraq, including conservative Diyala, a rape victim may be shunned by her family and become an outcast in society.

Police interrogators were not in the room during Jassim's interview with the AP, but they were in an adjoining chamber."

The conventional wisdom is that suicide bombers are driven by a potent mix of anger, and despair to make the ultimate sacrifice. Now it is coming to light that there is a lot of manipulation and mind games going into grooming suicide bombers. In the twisted world of Islamo fascism, any element of religious belief can be twisted to build their movement. A belief in the hereafter becomes a cheap way to lure suicide bombers who are eager for their "72 virgins". Chastity and modesty become a foil to trap women in a web of shame where becoming a suicide bomber seems to be the only way out.

We are now hearing of the need for a dialogue with the Islamic world. There are some people who will murder, rob rape and destroy in the name of Islam. The stony face of Samira Jassim is a grim reminder of the depths to which Islamofascism sinks in pursuit of its twisted ends. There are indeed peaceful Muslims. But the Samira Jassins of the world are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Making Israel the Sudetenland of this generation by offering it up as a sacrifice to the Islamic world will not even buy time. It will simply whet their appetites.

Many decent individuals in Muslim countries are intimidated by the militants among them. Sixty years ago, we had decent Germans who did not stand up. The Islamic world that seeks to deny the holocaust is now recreating the timidity of that generation. As a result the enemy that cows them has become our enemy as well. Such individuals regard with contempt anyone who seeks dialogue and compromise with them. The Islamo fascists will not back down. They will not be won over. They can only be defeated.

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