Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama to Israel: Juden Raus !!

Barack Hussein Obama has started to flex his muscles in Israeli affairs, promising to monitor and protest any new Jewish "settlements" in biblical lands. World Net Daily reports as follows.

"The Obama administration has pledged to the Palestinian Authority it will closely monitor
Jewish construction in the West Bank and will protest any new housing developments in the biblical territory, a top PA negotiator told WND.

"They told us the White House will watch for any Jewish construction," said the PA negotiator, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"Obama knows that if [Likud Chairman Benjamin] Netanyahu is the next prime minister, he will try to expand the settlements. They pledged to us this will be strongly protested," the negotiator said."

No Israeli government since 1948 has responded properly to "Palestinian" complaints about Jewish occupation. Israel has had an uninterrupted Jewish presence since the destruction of the Second Temple. There were Jews who eked out a living with great self sacrifice. The Point of No Return web site has been sounding this theme with regularity. It recently performed a great public service by reprinting an article titled "The Real Palestinian Refugees".This article corrects some pervasive misperceptions. In the following paragraphs paragraphs, the article puts to rest major misconceptions.

"The first Arabs came to the country in the 7th century in the wake of their conquering armies after the death of Mohammed. They've been immigrating, and emigrating, ever since, bringing with them their civil wars (in which Jews were severely persecuted by both sides) and their screwed-up environmental concepts that turned forest into desert. Other groups of peoples also immigrated to Israel/Palestine during this time, especially the Druze. (Today, if you call a Druze an Arab, you've just insulted him. This was told to me by a Druze.) Perhaps the earliest Zionist pioneers did have to fight Arab marauders and make the desert bloom, but they did not come to an empty land. Maybe it was sparsely populated, but it was not empty of Jews.

Subsequent decades of Zionist history have been characterized by trying to make peace with the Arabs, and totally ignoring the indigenous Jewish community, as if they didn't exist. White America may have killed off the native peoples of America, but at least they acknowledged that they were there. The treatment of the Palestinian Jews by the Zionist immigrants reflected their treatment by the Zionist movement during the troubled years of the British mandate between 1917 and 1948. There were 4 periods between WWI and 1949 that Palestinian conflicts resulted in a refugee situation:

1920/1. The first Palestinian refugees were Jews. In the aftermath of WWI, British rule in Palestine supplanted 400 years of Turkish rule and a British administration was installed, headed by Ronald Storrs, governor of Jerusalem, and the Chief-of-Staff Richard Waters-Taylor. A week before Easter, Waters-Taylor, with the blessing of Storrs, had made a secret agreement with local Arab nationalist leaders to conduct bloody riots against the Jews of Palestine to show the world just how unpopular Zionism was. (See Benjamin Netanyahu's A Durable Peace under the chapter "Betrayal.") During the Arab pilgrimage to the site of Nebi Musa, believed by Muslims to be the burial place of Moses, the Arab masses were whipped into a frenzy and began to riot. This spread throughout the whole of the country beginning in Jerusalem. Their excuse to the world at large was that they were acting out their 'legitimate' grievances against the massive Jewish immigration into the country, fostered by the 'lax' British policy.

What they conveniently ignored was the massive Arab immigration into the country brought on by the economic opportunities introduced by the Jews. In fact, in the 30's, President Roosevelt was reported to have commented that Arab immigration to Palestine far exceeded that of Jewish immigration (See A Durable Peace.) In any case, these riots were tame when compared to later riots. Seven Jews were killed, 200 wounded and women were raped. There were partial expulsions from various areas, such as from east Jerusalem, Jaffa, Gaza, and the tiny Jewish community of Khan Yunis, which consisted of just a few families. A total expulsion occurred from Lod. Many just left fearing more of the same, which indeed happened. In east Jerusalem, the remaining Jews were faced with massacre, but a defense force, organized immediately after WWI by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a WWI hero of Jewish Palestine, prevented this from happening. This organization was later to become the Haganah. As a result, Jabotinsky was arrested by the British and given a 15 year prison sentence. He was pardoned the next year due to international pressure"

The most critical weakness in Israel's approach to Arabs and the world has been disunity. As David Salon pointed out in the above excerpt, when European Zionists came to the Holy Land, they overlooked or ignored Jews who were there when they arrived. These were individuals who encompassed the ethnic rainbow within Judaism. Some were Arab Jews Some were Spanish Jews. Some others were Ashkenazim. They knew the land and they knew the intricacies of living under Turkish administration.The pioneers from Europe and the Jews who were in Palestine when they arrived were for many purposes invisible to each other. But they were not invisible to the Arabs. who slaughtered Ashkenazim , Sephardim and Jews from Arab countries together.

In dealing with a world that presses Israel for concessions , we are hampered by decades in which we have left unchallenged a flawed historical narrative. The Jews expelled from Arab countries left behind valuable real estate, businesses and other property in the Arab countries they fled Arab Jews fleeing to Israel approximately equalled in number the Muslims who fled Israel in 1948. Israel was took pains to reassure its Arab population that they could remain safely in Israel. The picture for Jews who remained in Arab countries contrasted starkly with this. Jews who remained in Iraq, Syria and Egypt suffered official and officially sanctioned acts of violence and terror directed against them. Jewish property was nationalised. The climate in the street became ugly.

Any discussion of Israel and the Arabs should involve reciprocity. There were Jewish refugees and there were Arab refugees. It is a grievous sin of omission to leave unmentioned Jews driven from their homes by Arabs in the Holy Land and to say nothing of the Arab Jews who were were forced to flee well established homes in Arab countries.

In no way should European Jews be shamefaced before the Arabs in negotiations. The infamous Mufti of Jerusalem lived in Europe during World War Two. He met with Hitler and personally visited Auschwitz. He pleaded with the Nazis to prevent Jewish immigration to Palestine by killing Europe's Jews. He organised Muslim SS divisions such as the Handschar Division. In a very real and tangible way Europe's Jews have a claim that Arab interlopers came to Europe in lethal pursuit.

If Israel's Jews reassemble a united and coherent history, their claims are unimpeachable. We are accepting without protest the de facto ethnic cleansing of lands that were historically Jewish. Why is this not questioned ?

There is much to be said in our own defense. President Obama should meet with Israelis who are firm in their convictions, who do not apologise things which need no apology. A clear picture of our past will make it much easier to build our future. We are off to a very late start. Let there be no further delay in speaking the truth.


The web site"Point of No Return" has been a valuable resource in understanding some critical but forgotten aspects of Israel's history. I am very thankful to the owner of this educational site for broadening my understanding of Israel Sphere: Related Content

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