Friday, February 27, 2009

Short Takes ...Retarded siblings locked in dungeon on West Bank for Forty Years.... A Stirring Picture Sent to Me

For a retarded brother and sister, the invasion of Gaza marked the beginning of their freedom. The Bildzeitung reports as follows.

Two retarded siblings, a brother and sister were locked in a dank cellar for almost forty years by their parents in a cellar in their home in the West Bank

Bassam Musalmeh, 38 years old and his sister who was four years older were released from their imprisonment behind the family home in the area of Beit Awwa by local police

The police found the two sibling found the two siblings while looking for Hamas activists, according to police security sources.

The two were locked up since infancy in two dank broken down rooms made out of crumbling concrete. No one in the general area knew of their existence

The parents hid the two siblings because they believed that they would lessen the marriage prospects of healthy siblings.

The Police found the 38 year old man naked. His sister was wearing only a thin night shirt according to police commander Sami Saifi. The room in which they were imprisoned had a frightful stench of sweat and urine.

The father of the two children was taken into custody. He had married a first cousin years before. The couple subsequently had eight children. Seven of them were born retarded.

Five of the children died in childhood. The sole normal child is now married.

From the Bild Zeitung

There are no words that I can add to this picture.

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