Sunday, March 1, 2009

Announcement to Readers

After a little more than a year, I have decided to include Amazon ads on my site.I will receive a commission for any purchases. This will be a small step towards making my writing a paid pursuit.

I mention many topics and occasionally refer to specific books and recording artists. It will actually be possible to order items I mention through Amazon. I have featured many videos of recording artists who I enjoy. The feeling that I can pay them back for the enjoyment they have given me is very satisfying.

I tend to favour books and music that are not necessarily new. I will change my recommended picks according to what grabs my interest. If this happens to be a best seller, that is fine. But being the first to read a new book is not a priority I can afford. I also appreciate the Amazon practice of featuring used books along side the brand new ones. This increases the availability of out of print items.

My favourite picks list will be just that. I am interested in promoting items that I approve of. Any paid endorsement will be labeled as such. I do not even contact authours after I have written about them. I am not a fast writer. This self promotion would cut time out of my busy schedule.

I do not like to sit and lament the sorry state of the media. and are my personal attempts to write and choose topics the way I feel it should be done. I am learning all the time. Feedback from readers has been inspiring and helpful.

It feels good to be able to show my appreciation to authours and artists I like by advertising their works.I will not make my ads flashy or intrusive. They will be on the sidebar of my site, for the benefit of the reader.

I am reexamining my list of topics. I want to reduce the number of topic headings on the side bar. I find that the search function is very useful in bringing up archived articles.

I still have some articles that were on American Sentinel that I need to restore. This is an ongoing project.

Whether it is advertising or formatting, the good of my readers is of prime importance. Monetising this site will enable me to devote more time to writing and research. That is how the world works.

If I had my way, I would be doing only writing. Unfortunately, the time consuming areas of layout and self promotion cut into my schedule. I will try to minimise this.

Letters from readers and the hits on my site meter have been an inspiration to me I hope to be around for a while Sphere: Related Content

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