Monday, March 16, 2009

Note to Readers

For some time, I have had an inactive site, "". It links over to and to Its url is easier to spell, which makes it useful in promoting all three sites.

I am now putting to an additional use. I am running on that site stories which I believe are worthy of attention. On the site I am putting the opening paragraphs of stories along with possibly a single sentence. The stories themselves will not be original. I will eventually run the rss feed for on Rudi Stettner and on Magdeburger Joe.

I am not promoting thewinterriders in any competitive sense such as registering it on J Blog Central, since it is not my writing. All it is intended to be is sort of a scrap book for my readers. I want it to in a small way drive up traffic for those whose articles I feature. Additionally, I find that it looks very tacky to have a post at the top of the blog that is months old. It makes all three blogs look as though they are inactive, which is not the case. Anyone who wants to send me an article is welcome to do so. I will always link back in the middle of the article you send. Bloggers should be good neighbours to each other. I know how pleased I am when someone links back to me . This is a chance to return the favour.

I welcome reader feedback and suggestions about my new innovation in The Winter Riders Group. Sphere: Related Content

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