Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts About Television and Mind Control

It is little known that the Nazis were the first to develop television in the early 1930s. The earliest television stations did not broadcast to private homes but to viewing parlours, where people paid admission to view television as part of an audience. The Nazis were keenly aware of the indoctrination potential of the new invention, which was their primary interest in developing it.

What is most interesting about TV is the manner in which it facilitates passivity. Unlike radio, which can run in the background, television engages both hearing and sight. One tends to sit back and absorb a sensory stream. In reading a book, one is active, scanning and turning pages. One controls the speed with which one absorbs information. When watching TV one must adapt to the sensory rhythm and flow. The German slang term for television is "das Fernsehen" which literally translates as "distance viewer". The slang term is "die Glotze", which translates as "the stare", which evokes images of someone staring blankly and mindlessly into the distance. The nature of television numbs one's critical faculties.

We pat ourselves on the back for our own mass media, which is ostensibly not a source of indoctrination. But what underlying assuptions are mixed in with all the created needs that keep our economy moving? Who can really say that we have no indoctrination after the American people was sold the Obama presidency ? Story after story that would have shown him in a critical light was spiked in favour of fluff stories that were steeped in anabashed adulation.

I think that there are ways to immunise oneself to media bias. Here are some suggestions.

1) Turn it off at regular intervals. Read books instead.
2) Find an opinion you disagree with completely. Google it. Read people you would never meet in your daily life.
3) Talk to people like taxi drivers and waitresses with accents. They can tell you a lot
4) Watch movies with subtitles
5) Watch foreign television shows.
6) Work out in your foreign language of choice. Try to read in it. Start out with easy reading. Put on the glasses of someone you don't know and might never meet.

The truth is out there. What is more appropriate to say is that there are other views of truth out there. Seek them out. Don't be satisfied with whatever washes up in your living room.


With this posting I am including some laughably bad clips from Nazi television. People actually paid to watch this. The clips overlap a bit, but they provide a telling glimpse

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