Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best Wishes For Passover

My next post will be on Saturday night. The next three days will be two days of Passover and Shabbos, respectively. Accordingly, my computer will be shut off and I will be engaged in the observance of Passover.

This Passover season has been special. We blessed the sun, which is only done every 28 years. The blessing is said when the sun is at the precise point it occupied at the time of its creation. It's interesting looking at the movie of life with one panel every twenty eight years. It gives a different perspective than a day to day look might yield.

Even though the Passover story is full of miracles, the biggest miracle is the creaation of the world and its continued existence. One of the special messages of Passover is that G-d did not just create the world and put it on automatic pilot. He remains involved. That is profoundly reassuring.

My thoughts are not only of the past redemtion, but the one to come, which will bring tangible blessings to the world. I wish all of my readers a happy, joyous and meaningful Passover. Sphere: Related Content

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