Monday, April 13, 2009

France Surrenders ..... Again.

(Warning: Disturbing violence)
Europe has long been suffering from a mushrooming problem with violent crime. France has for years been notorious for its violent street gangs composed predominantly of immigrants, both legal and illegal. Problems that plagued American cities in the sixties now blight Paris, Strasbourg and other large cities across France.

France is not unique in Europe. Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands also suffer from a surge of violent crime fueled by Arab immigrant gangs. The extent to which they ignore criminal behavior in the name of political correctness is truly appalling. A good part of the resurgence of right wing political parties is due to the public frustration with skyrocketing crime.

The French have really outdone themselves now in craven surrender to the forces of lawlessness. An employee of the Paris Metro, sick of nightly gang assaults on French subways leaked a video of one such assault. According to an article posted on the Live Leak web site, the French have taken decisive action in the gang attack..... against the transit employee who leaked the video ! The article describes the sickening situation as follows.

The assault was recorded by bus CCTV. A policeman posted the video on a Facebook site: He has been arrested and suspended from his post. The authorities fear the video is being used by right-wing sites to stir up fear about racist violence by black and arab youths against French citizens.
French authorities have been demanding the removal of the video from blogs and video hosting services.
The President of the Paris transport authority RATP has described the video as “a crime in which the RATP is the victim. The same transport President Pierre Mongin described the bus driver’s conduct as “exemplary.”
The delegate for Sud-RATP, the hardline union for Paris transport workers, said that the violence was unexceptional for late-night services. What is exceptional, he added, was for the public to see the images. “Who broadcast this video on the internet?” he demanded, “the victims, the aggressors, the driver and the other passengers did not choose to be put in the public eye in this way. It’s unacceptable.”
According to the union, extreme violence is unexceptional; invading the privacy of the aggressors, however, goes beyond the pale.
At one point in the video, the victim is called “sale fran├žais”, “dirty French.” The same insult was used by casseurs who mobbed student protests two years ago, mugging and assaulting youngsters taking part in demonstrations against the government.

It is callous indifference like this that fuels sympathy for the "extreme right." A labour union that fights for high wages and doesn't care when its workers are beaten and robbed is worse than useless. It is more critical than ever for Europe to develop a united front in confronting the lawlessness that is sweeping Europe. With the phasing out of border controls from one country to another, a weak link like France can infect the rest of the European Union.

Sadly enough for the citizens of France, their government's reputation for craven appeasement has infected their attitude towards their own citizens within their own country. There are many to whom freedom of political speech means little or nothing. The freedom to walk and travel without fear however is a yearning of every man, woman and child. It is fear for the survival of this basic freedom that is reshaping the political landscape to make the "right wing" appealing and the "moderates" seem irrelevant.

The chilling video and the twisted response of the French government are now being seen around the world. Instead of suppressing the video, justice would be far better served by suppressing the violence it portrays. Sphere: Related Content

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