Sunday, April 26, 2009

Press Corps "A" From "O" Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary (Propaganda Minister) Robert Gibbs has given the press corps an "A" for their first hundred days of covering the Obama administration. What is the "A" supposed to stand for? A number of adjectives do come to mind. Appalling, abysmal, abject.....

We hear a lot about wardrobes, pets and malfunctioning DVD's given to Britain's Prime Minister. There is a lot of questions about economic strategy, but you would never know about it from listening to reporters. The questions they ask Obama on behalf of the American people are downright negligent. At a time when General Motors and its selfish work force would rather go bankrupt than produce what the American people want, the mainstream media is doing the same thing, producing fawning and uncritical news coverage.

Our Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano seems to be auditioning to replace Colonel Klink on a remake of Hogan's Heroes as she scours our border with Canada looking for infiltrators. The derision is loud across talk radio and the blogosphere, but not on the evening news. We have fawning news coverage and Swine Flu to go with our pork, sugar coated with "fairness".

Is a free press that muzzles itself truly free? Do we really want the person in charge of making our president look good thank the press corps for making his job that much easier? There is the danger of destructive negativism standing in the way of a President's ability to lead. This was never a concern during any Republican administration. But there is the equal danger of blind watchdogs leading the American people into heavy traffic. There has to be a happy medium between the two.

We have Janet Garafulo playing 52 pickup with race cards when Americans are focused more than ever before on economics and banding together to make tough choices. Supposedly the first 100 days are a Presidential honeymoon. Why do I feel like I have a massive Las Vegas hangover and a credit card named "Max"?

So the Robert Gibbs likes the treatment Obama is getting from the press. Why don't I feel wonderful?

In keeping with the feel good spirit of the White House Press Corps, I am presenting this musical tribute to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il.

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