Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Iranian Campaign Songs and Satire

I like to be a fly on the wall when observing adversaries. No detail is too insignificant. What is the music like? What does the food taste like. I dislike demonisation. My father's family fled Germany, but they did not surrender the definition of being German to the Nazis. There was a whole galaxy of artists and writers that were banned in Germany. Herman Hesse, Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht, along with scientists and other professionals who enriched the countries in which they found refuge.

I found two political songs from Iran. One was a campaign song for Ahamadinejad. The other was a song of tribute to Ali Khamenei, who is the chief of the religious authorities in Iran. Very often, reformers find that the clergy ties their hands when they want to liberalise anything in Iran. The large percentage of Iranian young people who have no memory of life under the Shah are well aware of life outside Iran. Bootleg movies and music as well as the internet make it hard for the leadership to seal off the country. There an estimated six million listeners to a Farsi language broadcast from Israel that is a very reliable source of information about what is going on in the country. People even call in from Iran to Israel and are broadcast over the air.

Additionally, Iran is about 50% Iranian. Arabs, Turks Baluchis and other ethnic groups each live in separate areas of the country. Any stereotype of an "average Iranian" is likely to be way off. Iran is far too diverse for there to be any such thing as an "average Iranian."

To round out my offering of Iranian propaganda, I am including a satirical video produced by Iranians abroad. There are quite a few like it, one of which I have featured in articles before. I hope my readers enjoy this glimpse into Iranian election propaganda and satire. It presents an interesting contrast to that found in America.

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