Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brooke Shields Whups National Enquirer

Brooke Shields, who achieved fame in childhood as an actress sprung to the defense of her ailing mother, Teri Shields. In a new low even for supermarket tabloids, a reporter for the Enquirer posed as a family friend and checked the 75 year old Mrs Shields out of her New Jersey nursing home, ostensibly for a day of shopping and errands, according to E On Line, which reported as follows on the shocking incident.

"The actress threatened legal action and initiated a police investigation last month after a reporter for the tabloid, claiming to be a family friend, checked Shields' ailing mother out of a New Jersey nursing home, ostensibly as fodder for a story.

Teri Shields, 75, suffers from dementia—something the actress was reluctantly forced to disclose in the wake of the Enquirer's actions.

"I am very pleased to report that [the] National Enquirer was prevailed upon not to publish a story," Shields's attorney Gerald B. Lefcourt tells People magazine. "

According to E On Line, the Enquirer has agreed to make a generous donation to dementia research in exchange for Brooke Shields dropping any planned legal action. Although it has not materialised yet, the Enquirer allegedly plans to issue an apology.

The Enquirer is lucky that their reporter was not arrested for kidnapping or some other form of criminal charges in what amounts to the abduction of Brooke Shield's mother. The fishbowl existence endured by film and music stars is bad enough. Paparazzi with telephoto lenses on their cameras, muckrakers picking through garbage are all occupational hazards of being a celebrity. It is understandable for people to be curious about their favourite stars. People Magazine fills that niche in very nicely. There have been professional photographers who sat with public figures in photo interviews such as John Bryson and David Hume Kennerly provided glimpses of famous individuals.

Even without resorting to sleaze, there are individuals who "spill the beans." Ex spouses, close associates and friends from days of obscurity sometimes open cracks in the walls of privacy around stars. But there should be boundaries. Family should be left alone. Picking on a mentally impaired family member of a celebrity is beneath contempt.

Brooke Shields did a big favour to her mother and other celebrities. She also reminded the reading public that there are less hurtful ways to get our daily fix of "chewing gum for the mind." Thank you Brooke Shields for sticking up for your mother. It was a needed wake up call. Sphere: Related Content

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