Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disturbing Reaction to a Muslim Feminist

I normally spend very little time checking comments on You Tube videos. Because I am spread thin writing twelve articles a week, some things fall by the wayside. Today I was watching a video about women's rights in Bahrain. Bahrain is relatively a relatively liberal Muslim jurisdiction. Churches operate openly. Alcohol is still sold there. But the Islamic clergy still holds heavy sway over the country.

Bahrain does have feminists. They do not speak of abortion. They do speak of birth control and the right of women to have access to it. They also speak of the problems with polygamy and a wife's lack of rights in preventing her husband from taking on additional wives. An additional focus is upon temporary marriages that have little besides Islamic legalisms to distinguish them from prostitution. Child marriage and female genital mutilation top off the list, with the authority of the father (to the exclusion of maternal authority) serving as a pillar for a system that denies women the most elementary rights. For those who resist too strongly the role assigned to them in society, there is always honour killings to chill independent thinking.

Many people who find themselves alienated from the mainstream of western feminism would find themselves firmly in the feminist camp in many Arab countries. I watched a woman being interviewed on Bahrain television about women's issues. On the one hand, it was a good sign that such issues were being discussed on Bahraain TV. Unfortunately, it looks like the issues raised are a long way from being solved.

What was highly significant to me in watching the woman being interviewed on You Tube was the comments posted which for some reason were in French, although the subtitles were in English. I troubled myself to translate some of the comments. They were truly disturbing. An attitude of hostility towards any criticism of Islamic society prevailed as well as an attitude of total indifference to the needs of that half of the human race G-d greated as women.

I am presenting below a sample of some of the comments both in the French original and in my rough translation.

Elle parle de quoi exactement cette femme ?

What exactly is this woman talking about

depuis quand une putes qui s'habille mal et en plus une kafira parle de l'islam

What gives this badly dressed woman nonbeliever the right to speak about Islam?

femme courageuse!!!
et elle a raison a tous qu'elle dis

Courageous woman! Correct in all she says!

D'après l'islam la religion la plus pacifique et la plus tolérante, cette femme mérite de se faire lapider à mort. Tout vrai musulman a l'obligation de chercher à la tuer, ça ne se discute pas, c'est dans le Coran et dans la tradition du Prophète. Le Prophète a fait assassiner plusieurs femmes pour avoir osé le critiquer.

In my opinion, Islam is the most peaceful and tolerant religion. This woman deserves to be stoned to death. Every real Muslim has the obligation to try to kill her. This is not even up for discussion. This is found in the Koran and the prophetic tradition. The Prophet assasinated several women who criticised the Koran in this manner.

Bibdabou !
Tout le mal que ta pu écrire sur "Youtube"
Tu le verras inscrit dans ton livre, le jour de la resurection , j'aimerai bien voir ta tête ce jour là... et oui ! Les Anges notent tout ce que tu dis et tout ce que t'écris !
Tu vas relire tout ce que ta pu écrire sur le Net et crois moi, tu seras honteux devant "Dieu" et l'enfer sera ta demeure !!!


All of the evil that you put on You Tube . You will see that it is written in your book. I want to see your face on the day of judgement. And yes ! The angels will note all that you say and write! You will read again all that you have said and written and be ashamed ! Hell will be your new address.

Theo Van Gogh was killed in 2004 in Holland after producing a video critical of Muslim's treatment of women. This comments on this video were posted last week. The attitudes of religious Muslims to criticism of Islamic society seem to be as intolerant and inflamatory as when Theo van Gogh was assassinated. This is most disturbing. A society's saving grace is its ability to criticise and correct itself. Muslims are in danger if they can not do so.
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