Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fighting PETA With a Tom Lehrer Song

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an organisation that has killed a good cause by taking it to the most absurd limits. Most Americans will respond to serious reprorts of inhumane treatment of animals with some sort of outcry. Avoiding unnecesary testing of cosmetics on lab animals, mistreatment of animals before slaughter and poor living conditions for circus animals concern most caring people.

But attacking women who wear fur coats, demanding that people embrace vegetarianism and referring to pets as "animal companions" are just some of the behaviors that have banished PETA supporters to the margins of political discourse.

I once heard a PETA supporter say on the radio that if a dog and a child were drowning at the same time, that she could not decide which should be saved. PETA has taken the position that humans are no better than animals. Some of the more extreme animal rights activists even try to turn their pets (excuse me, animal companions) into vegan creatures, who eat no fish, fowl or dairy products.

I like to taunt PETA supporters by saying I support People for Eating Tasty Animals. I tell them that they are "rootists" who are prejudiced against life forms that have roots. I tell them that as a carnivore I am defending the rights of life forms with roots by devouring the herbivorous mammals that afflict them.

There is a satirical singer who was wildly popular in the 1960's named Tom Lehrer. He was born in 1928. During the 1960's he used to sing satirical and just plain funny songs about the events of his time and societal attitudes. He sang one song in which he breathlessly incorporated the names of the elements into a pleasant melody.

In the 1960's PETA did not exist. But without intending to, Tom Lehrer composed a song that is very useful for taunting PETA members. It is, like so many Tom Lehrer songs, shocking, tasteless and very well done. The title of the song is "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park." It reminds me of a Charles Addams cartoon with its macabre tasteless humour. I present the song in the same spirit as I would if I were to put a "Nuke the Whales" bumper sticker on my car. It is simply a frustrated reaction to the twisted value system of PETA members and the militant vegetarians who support them. I wonder if Tom Lehrer ever imagined the use to which his song would be put by one frustrated PETA opponent. I hope my readers will enjoy "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and check out some of his other songs. Sphere: Related Content

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