Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Forward vs Israel

I have enjoyed reading the English edition of the Weekly Forward for a long time. They have reportedly not been the most profitable paper. Those who view the Yiddish edition as a part of Yiddish Americana have often bought the paper not only for its contents but to assure the survival of a part of Jewish life in America.

The Forward has been weighing in on events in Israel. This is their right. They have provided a voice to an editorial viewpoint that is indistinguishable from that of Peace Now I glanced at an article that reported an American Jewish shift in opinion against "settlements". The editorial in the on line edition is railing against settlements. They have urged Israel to negotiate with Syria and voiced glib support for the "painful concessions" that have brought rocket attacks and terrorism deeper within Israel's borders. After listening to the non stop criticism of the State of Israel and the systematic lobbying for Israel's enemies, I have decided on my own program of "painful concessions."

From this day forward, I intend to shun the Forward at the news stand. I will give them the same treatment I gave the grocery store near my home that put up Hamas pushkes. I will take my money elsewhere. If there is ever an announcement that the Forward has gone under, I will not shed a tear. I am far more concerned with the welfare of Israel's population and cutting down the price they pay in blood for their safety. The survival of a sanctimonious paper that glibly advocates giving away Jewish land and exposing Israel to further danger is of no concern to me at all. It is unspeakably arrogant of them to build a readership at the expense of Israeli survival. I care very much about Israel's future than that of the Forward. It is far better that the survival of the Forward be endangered. And I hope it is. Sphere: Related Content

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grossly informed said...

Don't you think you're being a little harsh here? First of all, many americans forget that these conversations also take place prominently inside israel. Second,they are not necessarily reporting on their own beliefs but the beliefs of organizations, how ever wrong you may feel that they are. But really, are they in the same category as raising money for Hamas? That's where your argument breaks down.

While the whole notion of gaining land and then having to give it back is repugnant, the settlements have been pushed forward to prevent, not encourage a two state solution. Not that I think it will bring peace, but it will enable israel to maintain itself as a Jewish democracy, vs a Jewish Arab democracy.

Don't shoot the messenger.