Thursday, June 18, 2009

High Five to Zenni Optical

One of the pleasures of blogging is the ability to thank merchants who do a good job. I try to praise as loudly as I complain. I am not getting paid for this article. If I were I would say so clearly.

My old glasses were a mass of tiny scratches, held together with tape and a paper clip. Stuffing them into my motorcycle helmet had taken its toll. I needed frames that could take abuse. My son told me about an on line optometrist called Zenni Optical. He was able to get a complete set of prescription glasses for $8.00. Mine cost more for two reasons. One is that I was getting bifocals. The second reason is that I wanted a titanium frame as well as clip on sun shields. With all of the extras I paid $68.50, which included a per order shipping charge of $4.95 and an eyeglass case.

The Zenni web site instructs you to type in your prescription information. I had no problem with this, except for one line on the form that asked for pupilary distance, which is the distance between the pupils. Although opticians need this number, it is not usually written on the prescription. When you do get this number, write it down and do not forget it. Unlike all the other numbers, this number does not generally change in adulthood. I was able to go back to my optometrist and get the number for pupilary distance.

Zenni promises delivery within 14 days on simple orders. Mine was a bit more complex so it took 17 days. They e-mailed me when they shipped out my order.

I was told that the glasses are made in China, and this is what keeps the price down. I like to buy American, but that is not always easy to find. I was delighted with the quality of the glasses I got. Titanium is supposed to return to its original shape when bent. For me, that was a critical selling point. I was not disappointed. The glasses fit, they retained their shape. They are a pleasure to look through and to read with. I am probably going to buy a cheaper pair to use as backups.

When a merchant treats me right, I am not shy about giving them five stars. Conversely, I am happy to skewer those who displease me with a five rasberry rating. It is a pleasure to recommend Zenni Optical to my readers. I hope you will check them out. Sphere: Related Content

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