Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama, Kenya, the White House

Have you ever had to apply for a passport? You have to present all kinds of identification. One thing you have to produce is a birth certificate. There is no way around it. That is what makes an American passport a very reliable proof of identity. I suppose it might be possible to present false documents. But you would really have to work at it.

What documents do you have to present when you run for president? Does the chairman of your political party come to check your papers? It would seem logical. If a major political party is investing millions and millions in your candidacy, wouldn't they want to do a background check?

A friend of mine back in high school had drug and emotional problems. I couldn't believe it, but he actually went to the airport, started a plane and was ready to take off. Someone knew that he was not the owner. That was the only thing that stopped him. I don't know if it is still true, but at that time you did not need a key to start a plane.

Apparently, you don't need to even present the same documents you would need to get a passport if you want to run for president. All you need is audacity, a dream and wealthy backers. There is no background check. It's sort of like climbing into the cockpit of a twin engine. If you know which buttons to push, who needs a key?

Anyone who asks Obama to show his birth certificate gets stonewalled. CBS, a media conglomerate that is big into outdoor advertising banned its affiliates from putting up billboards asking "Where is the birth certificate? Lamar Advertising, a similar company soon followed suit.
Legitimate news stories are being spiked. Powerful people do not want certain questions even asked.

It is obvious to me what an Obama response should be. Long ago, he should have called in a nationally recognised reporter and urged that the most stringent forensic testing be done on all documents submitted. With presumably nothing to hide, Obama should have stood ready to facilitate the team's investigation with signed confidentiality waivers. A proper attitude on Obama's part would have been weary annoyance. The signs we have gotten, from the State of Hawaii to anyone else who might know something has been that of someone with something to hide. Because Obama was elected to represent the American people, this makes every American citizen an interested party.

There are those who would relish conclusive proof that Obama was born abroad. I have very mixed emotions for two reasons.

1) I believe that Obama's ideas need to be defeated. From malignant government involvement in the economy to relinquishing America's sovereignty through treaties and judicial activism, Obama champions ideas which should be defeated. Because he is African American, he comes with a constituency that voted for him as a bloc. This makes him useful to supporters of the liberal Democratic agenda. Disqualifying Obama on grounds of foreign birth would leave his liberal agenda unchallenged.

2) Unless there is a widespread consensus across racial lines that he is a failure, there would probably be great anger among African Americans if Obama were removed from office due to being constitutionally unqualified by reason of foreign birth. I do not want to live amidst widespread unrest that would likely ensue if he were removed from office.

Quite frankly, I believe that Obama was probably born in Kenya and is therefore unqualified to hold the office of President. I would prefer to be proven wrong, but President Obama has not sought to vindicate himself with the rigor that I would expect under the circumstances.

What is likely to be done about it? Probably nothing. The American people, as well as the unelected fourth estate that serves as our eyes and ears have chosen to ignore disturbing evidence. This is unfortunate, but this is how things stand. It is probably far better for the country if economic and political philosophy remained the focus of political discourse. The American people have walked away from an important battle. But we have started another that is far more important. Perhaps this is for the best. Sphere: Related Content

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