Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soccer Team Songs From Europe

Outside the United States, the world seems to be in love with soccer. I have yet to be smitten with soccer fever. But one thing I am very fond of is soccer team songs. In America, we have logos on cups and baseball caps. Soccer fans take fan memorabilia to a whole new level with team songs.

I have my personal favourites. FC Koln (Cologne in English has a Scottish melody with lyrics praising the team for that city. In soccer shorthand, FC stands for football club.

My second and third favourite soccer songs are those of FC Hansa of Rostock and Eisern Union (Iron Union) of Berlin. Both songs were recorded by the Puhdys. The Rostock song has a pulsating stadium feel to it, while the Eisern Union song has more of a heavy metal feel .

None of the words are terribly profound. I like the words to Eisern Union. Its name is legend... Legend without end . Eisern Union ! Red, white power team Eisern Union The sun from Berlin ....We will accompany you... Iron Union.

I like the normal tension between cities and nations to be sublimated into sportsmanship and song. If there is a CD available of the world's best soccer team songs I would like to find it. Such music always picks up my mood on a dreary day.

Although I like German soccer songs the most, one of my favourite team is Juventus of Torino, Italy. In general, I hear less of post game violence by Italian soccer fans. The Juventus song sounds less like a soccer team song in the German mold and more like an Italian love song. Since I am crazy about Italian pop music, the shift in style suits me just fine.

I hope my readers appreciate this music as much as I do. If anyone can call my attention to any other great soccer songs, please let me know about them. Sphere: Related Content

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