Saturday, July 18, 2009

Commander in Chic Obama, Honduras and Iran

In Honduras, a president of the country was accused of violating the constitution and the criminal code of the country. In a session of the Honduran legislature, he was stripped of his post. The Honduran military carried out the decision of the legislature, installing the vice president in the vacant position of his predecessor.

Five weeks after an election in Iran that was riddled with flagrant irregularities, Iranians of all classes are risking their lives to protest a brutal regime that attacks opponents on the street and in their homes.

With whom does our Commander in Chic, Barack Hussein Obama express solidarity? Not with the brave people of Iran, but with the legitimately impeached and removed former president of Honduras. Manuel Zelaya is supported by some in Honduras and opposed by others, but the legislature of that country has acted. Obama has no reservations about mixing into the internal affairs of Honduras.

On June 4, Barack Obama gave his famous Cairo speech. Three days later, the Lebanese people elected a pro Western government. Obama was happy to welcome the news. To his way of thinking, the fortuitous sequence of his fuzzy speech and the victory of pro western forces made him look great.

There was no way for Obama to claim credit for the events in Iran. His hope that Ahmadinejad's heart would melt in the warmth of his Cairo verbiage did not measure up the the chilling jolt of reality that came from Iran on June 12. Declaring a landslide victory in an election with 40 million paper ballots coming from far flung regions is hard to do with a straight face, but that is exactly what happened. And the bloody crackdown continues. There is nothing that Obama would want to claim credit for.

Although demonstrators clearly are appealing to the western world for moral support by carrying signs in English, not one sign says "Obama Save Us !!' How insulting!! Ahmadinejad was talking like a revolutionary, offering Hope and Change! Why doesn't he like Obama? How odd. Maybe the Cairo speech wasn't correctly translated into Persian. And how do those pushy demonstrators fit into Obama's tightly scripted, teleprompted photo ops and sound bites? It's all so confusing. All those picket signs in English, and not one has Obama's name on it. Well if they won't call His Name, then he's not going to answer. Fair is fair.

The cold war era in which America installed compliant dictators is viewed with righteous contempt in the precincts of the American left. The times they are a changin' ! But our Commander in Chic is still doing the same thing as the cold warriors of the 50's and 60's. He's just switched sides. Sphere: Related Content

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