Thursday, July 23, 2009

Concerning Phony Obama Sex Scandals

I should know better. In spite of myself, I checked out the headline in this week's trash tabloid, the Globe. I couldn't resist the headline," New Obama Gay Outrage. " I spent $3.59 to find out that he has a personal assistant. Since he has a pulse, a Y chromosome and duties that have him in prolonged contact with President Obama, the Globe and the more credulous corners of the blogosphere are running with it.

Apparently, since Larry Sinclair started his campaign to publicise his allegations of gay sex with Obama, other people are trying to make some of the mud stick. The results of Larry Sinclair's polygraph test have been questionable to say the least. He cites circumstantial evidence on his web site. Even if every word were true, I can not think of any aspect of his allegations that should concern the public. The only time a sex scandal should be made public is if it involves criminality. When Jim McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey was brought down in a gay sex scandal, it was only because he hired a personal friend who was unqualified and lacked security clearance for a sensitive position. The issue of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton never should have been raised. He never should have been questioned about it, under oath or in any other manner. There were other allegations of criminality that were within the domain of public interest.

Unless it involves criminal acts, I am not interested in hearing about President Obama's personal life. It is a matter between him, G-d and his family. There are many issues where Obama should be fought. They are as follows.

1) Obama's breathtaking naivete in the administration of foreign policy. He has been cozying up to a leftist President in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya and mostly silent about Iran's stolen election. America's enemies are lining up to kick sand in his face. He is waiting for a troubled world to nod off to sleep in response to the soothing words beaming off of his teleprompter.

2) Rather than nurse America's ailing economy, he is increasing the government's role in it and cranking up our national deficit. The government's role should be that of a facilitator, of collecting reasonable taxes and minimising regulations. The chaotic course of Obama's attempts to stimulate the economy are making prospective employers reluctant to create new jobs.

3) The one area where Obama has been criminally deceitful is in the promotion of his health plan. Some basic questions about Obama's health plan such as "Can I keep my current family doctor?" and" Can I keep my private insurance?" are not getting honest answers from Obama or his administration. Obama can lie all he wants about his sex life and I won't give a damn, because it's none of my business. But if he expects to pass costly legislation by lying about its hidden costs, then THAT is a crime.

4) The Democrats set the standard for examining Supreme Court nominees when they trashed Robert Bork in 1987. Obama is going to do the best he can to saddle America with judicial activists. It's time to play hardball with those who would pack the Supreme Court. There are plenty of moderate and conservative Democrats who do not want judicial activism on the Supreme Court. It is time to put up a fight when President Obama fields flaming liberals for lifetime slots on the Supreme Court. A compromise candidate who really satisfies all sides might move the country in an interesting direction. It is time to give the liberal proponents of judicial activism a lesson in "Borking" in which their ox is being gored.

5) Let's stop playing games about bipartisanship. We are all American, but we have widely divergent visions of what is right for America. Let's fight for what we believe in and try to win our opponents to our position without apology.

America's political spectrum has Democrats who deserve respect for fighting for their vision for America's future as disastrous as it might be. There are millions of Americans who want the Republican Party to step up to the plate and stand on principle. It is encouraging that the political mainstream has focused on issues of principle and not gotten sidetracked with sensational and probably false rumours. When the Republicans started trying to find out about Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton years, it made them look like idiots. Start today by saving yourself $3.59 on this week's stupid issue of the Globe. It would be wise to learn from the mistakes of the GOP during the Clinton years and to stop trying to peek through Obama's keyhole.

There is a list of battlefields where the Republicans should show up. Whatever may be happening on talk radio, the GOP has not yet begun to fight. That is a pity. It is up to us to push our representatives into the ring and to tell them to fight the good fight with their gloves off.

Don't get me wrong. There is useful information to be found in the tabloids. "How to Tell if Your Coworker is a Space Alien." "Cocker Spaniel Teaches Trigonometry in Madagascar Reform School." "Talking Cheese Omlet Sings Elvis Hits." If you want to suspend disbelief and enter an alternative universe, it can be great fun. And you won't get a hangover. Sphere: Related Content

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