Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fighting Cut and Paste Journalism

Yesterday I wrote an article about cut and pasters. These are people who want to put together an interesting web site but are too lazy to even write an introduction to an existing article. By reproducing the entire article, they cut down on the circulation of the original web site, lowering what they can charge for advertising.

I found a web site that does not much care for Jews or anyone else who is not white like them. They are serial offenders in the copyright violation department. I traced down two articles just for starters that were lifted in their entirety from other papers. Just to get started, I looked up the contact information on the web sites of the papers that had their material lifted. I either contacted their legal department or their syndication department and let them know that a racist web site was reproducing entire articles from their site. Will the Times Of London feel that this is good for their reputation? How about the Sunday Independent? Will they permit the Romanian Vanguard to carry their content for free?

I sent them the following letter. I plugged in the urls for each offending article.

I found your very interesting article on the Romanian Vanguard web
site. It was reproduced there in its entirety. Your link was provided,
but the whole article can be read on their site. The link to their
article is below.

I was pleasantly surprised by the contrast your newspaper presents to
the xenophobic and racist tone of the Romanian Vanguard web site. It
will be far more pleasant in the future to read your content by
linking to you directly.


Rudi Stettner

You may be motivated by concern for defending the rights of writers. You may want to fight racist organisations by making sure they have to write their own material. But if you build up an address book of contact people at the newspapers you are writing to, you can streamline the process. If 1000 people each send one e-mail each day similar to the one I sent, then maybe the cut and pasters might get a run for their money. I will keep my readers posted about the response to my e-mail. Sphere: Related Content

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