Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter Star in Pot Bust

Jamie Waylett, who starred as the school bully in the Harry Potter series of films has put the pot back into Potter by being arrested for possession of ten cannabis plants, according to the London Telegraph. Police suspicion was aroused back in April when they pulled his car over in Westminster, central London and found eight bags of weed. Several hours later the police raided his mother's home and found the plants. The Telegraph reports as follows.

"He was first arrested in April after cops stopped his Audi car in Westminster, central London, and allegedly found eight bags of the Class B drug.

The actor, who has appeared as a tubby villain in all six of the smash hit Harry Potter films, and a 19-year-old friend were taken to a nearby police station.

After questioning, a team of officers raided his mother's three-storey home in Camden, north London, several hours later.

It is alleged further drugs were found at the home.

Waylett was bailed by police until Tuesday when he found out he would be charged.

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman said: "Jamie Waylett is due to appear at City of Westminster magistrates court later this month."

It is usually presumed that a person in possession of the amount of weed that Waylett had is a recreational pharmacist or someone with a place on the distribution chain of illegal drugs. He is facing fourteen years in jail. Given the British penchant for dumbing down sentences to a fraction of their face value, I doubt he will serve much time. But giving him any significant amount of time in prison seems to me like swatting a mosquito with an Uzi. I think they should give him his pot plants back and make him donate the finished product to terminally ill cancer victims. But sending him to the slammer is sheer lunacy. The Brits have their share of hardened criminals who need jail time. Jamie Waylett is not one of them. Sphere: Related Content

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