Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson's Lost Son?

Debby Rowe, the land lady of Michael Jackson's rented womb has bowed out of the picture for 4 million dollars. If you think that this ends the dispute over Michael Jackson's millions, you are sadly mistaken. The National Enquirer reports of a one night stand in Norway between Michael Jackson and a smitten fan that resulted in the conception of a son, with no clinical intervention whatsoever. The National Enquirer reports as follows.

"Michael Jack­son’s “secret son” – devastated over the King of Pop’s sud­den death – is plan­ning to have a DNA test that could put him in legal conten­tion for a huge chunk of the singer’s estate, The ENQUIRER has
learned exclusively. Omer Bhatti, 24, wants to find out “once and for all” whether he’s Jackson’s biological son, reveal sources.

It has been reported that Omer, a close friend of Michael, was conceived in a one-night stand between Jackson and a Norwegian fan. "

If the test comes out positive, it could put Bhatti in line for millions of dollars from the Jackson estate. Since Bhatti is also a hip hop performer, it could also provide him with some welcome publicity. I checked out his music on You Tube and am presenting it there, as well as the link from You Tube. I wish the kid luck. He seems to have talent. If his ancestry gives him an extra boost, that's fine with me. He has plenty of talent.

Why do I keep reading these Michael Jackson stories? His life is like a highway accident. You just can't help slowing down and staring at the shattered glass and flashing dome lights. It's chewing gum for the mind, really. But when I read about O Bee, I don't think it's so bad that the world works this way. The sun sets The moon rises. And new stars appear in the night. That's fine with me. Good luck O Bee.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGlW0UFvjXY Sphere: Related Content

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