Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obamacare and Euthanasia

The Obama administration has traded in troubling images of the working poor without health insurance to sell a new national health insurance. The combined Senate and House bills are bigger than a Manhattan phone book. The Obama administration is trying hard to ram the bill through before our elected representatives get around to reading the legislation.

Most disturbing is the talk of "rationing health care". What does it mean? The Washington Times strips away some of Obama's fuzzy verbiage and raises the disturbing issue of euthanasia.

When Obama talks about ""those toward the end of their lives [who] are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill out here, "what is he getting at? What are we supposed to do about those pesky old people who just take too long to die? Don't worry, we have Ezekiel Emmanuel guiding us into the brave new future. Emmanuel, who is the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is chairman of the Department of Bioethics at the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health. He will tell us all what is ethical in allocating health care.

According to the Washington Times, Emmanuel "has argued that independent government boards should decide policy on end-of-life care. He also has defended rationing care more strictly for older people because "allocation [of medical care] by age is not invidious discrimination."

In many families, a decision on whether or not to go into chemotherapy or on life support is made after a call to a trusted clergy person or family member. So now we will have a government board crunching the numbers and deciding whether or not keeping someone alive is just too costly. We are taking another step down that slippery slope where the "right to die" becomes the "duty to die".

Oregon, a state in which euthanasia is legal has shown us what is in store for us if we vote Obama's plan into law. The Washington Times reports as follows.

"The situation is even worse in Oregon, which has legalized "assisted suicide." As radio host and author Mark Levin has publicized in his best-seller "Liberty and Tyranny," the Oregon health plan last year refused to pay for a recognized drug to prolong the life of lung cancer patient Barbara Wagner even after her oncologist prescribed it. Yet the same bureaucrats told Ms. Wagner that the plan would indeed cover doctor-assisted suicide if she chose that option.

Saving her life was deemed too expensive, but paying her to die was just fine."

There is a question that does not show up on profit loss statements. What do we become if we start killing off people who are "too expensive"? How do we see ourselves when we reduce the value of a human being to a profit loss statement? There is a very real danger of euthanasia becoming a part of our national ethics without one of those "national dialogues" that is so earnestly pushed by our Dissimulator in Chief, Barack Obama.

The issue of health care choice does not stop at the right to choose a health care plan. Do we want the government or a self appointed "ethicist" "playing God" with our lives? (While we are at it, just what the hell is an ethicist?)

Whenever anyone tells you, to hurry up and don't worry about the fine print, that they will explain it all to you, it is time to be very skeptical.

There is a sleazy trick used in unethical fruit stores of burying rotten fruit in a sealed container underneath fresh and tempting fruit. Obama's health plan reminds me a lot of that. Anything coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be gone over with an electron microscope. Obama's health plan has some very troubling things to say about "pulling the plug" on the elderly. I think it is time to "pull the plug" on Obama's health plan. Sphere: Related Content

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