Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama's Bad News : America Unites!

If I pulled a top of the line Mercedes into our driveway with a pink ribbon on top, my wife would have one question. HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS ?!

The American people are looking at Obama's shopping list for the country. We have just gotten the bill for Obama's stimulus package. The US deficit has sailed past a trillion dollars, and that is just for warm up exercises. Anyone who ever drank back in high school knows the old advice you got from the hard core drinkers. "Drink a beer first thing in the morning and you'll get rid of your hangover." The potheads used to say, "The more you smoke up, the less it will take to get you high."

Listening to Joe Biden talk about spending money to save the economy is a lot like listening to my high school drinking buddies help me to get rid of a pounding headache on a Sunday morning. As many days of postponement pass, eventually, you end up biting the bullet and facing a hangover that was much worse than it would have been if you cut your losses after one night.

The second lesson from high school is to be very skeptical of freebies. Whether it's free weed or a guy buying dinner for a girl he'd like to "know" better, there are usually hidden costs. Most of the time, the smart kids will pass on the free weed and check out just who is paying for dinner.

A lot of Americans who voted for Obama are starting to ask, "What was I THINKING?" We have a naive foregn policy that sounds like it was cooked up in a college dorm with strange smelling blue smoke in the air. And our economic policy is best epitomised by the bumper sticker that says, "I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks ."

Beth Fouhy of Associated Press reports as follows about the second thoughts of some Democrats.

"Conservative House Democrats are balking at the cost and direction of Obama's top priority, an overhaul of the nation's health care system. A key Senate Democrat, Max Baucus of Montana, complains that Obama's opposition to paying for it with a tax on health benefits "is not helping us."

Another Democrat, Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, tells his local newspaper that Obama is too liberal and is "very unpopular" in his district."

Although the article reports approval ratings that are still high, it notes that Obama's approval rating has dropped very fast.

"Obama continues to be comparatively popular.But now recent national surveys have shown a measurable drop in his job approval rating, even among Democrats. A CBS news survey out this week had his national approval rating at 57 percent, and his standing among Democrats down 10 percentage points since last month, from 92 percent to 82 percent."

Obama did a masterful job of wooing the electorate. Indeed, he and his teleprompter cut a dashing profile as they spin across the stage at the country fair. But a handsome man with disastrous economic policies loses his allure as quickly as the school "hunk" loses his allure when it becomes plain that he won't stick with college or a steady job. people are starting to separate their feelings about Obama the man from their feelings about his economic policies. Ther is an old saying. "When money doesn't come through the door, love goes out the window." The murmurs of discontent from Obama strongholds sound a lot like that adage ringing true.

Obama is now falling victim to the absurdly high expectations he set for the electorate. The notion that "help is on the way" has given way to grumbling as people wait for stimulus and its anticipated results. Beth Fouhy continues as follows.

"In Missouri, which Obama narrowly lost to McCain, Democratic strategist Steve Glorioso said hardcore base voters were as enthusiastic as ever for Obama but that there was a sense of disappointment about him among less committed Democrats and independents.

"People are scared," Glorioso said. "This is the worst economic time anyone under the age of 80 has ever experienced, and you can't discount people being afraid. Now that we are in July, the fear is turning to disappointment that the president hasn't fixed everything yet. I don't know why they thought he could change everything by now, but some did."

One of the surest signs of a scam is when someone tells you they have a great opportunity that you have to jump at or it will be gone. Invariably your dreams of riches evaporate with the annoyed realisation that you have been snookered. The Democrats did it with the huge bailout that preceded Obama's election. And the latest health plan is looking like more of the same. The House and the Senate health insurance bills weigh about as much as a Manhattan phone book that looks like nothing so much as an adjustable rate mortgage on the nation's future. Rather than help the ailing and aspiring businesses that have historically employed and insured America's workers, Obama proposes to hit them with new punitive and coercive taxes that make the creation of new jobs highly unlikely.

People are indeed looking to government for solutions, but now that Obama fever is wearing off, some realism is taking root. It is crystal clear that government has a lot of power to reward those who generate wealth and to punish them. However people may joke about a boss being like a diaper, ( always on your *** and full of ***) they realise that if the boss goes out of business, paying for diapers gets a whole lot harder. Sensible people let class envy last about as long as a beer buzz. Then they get back down to work.

Then there is the question of immigration, both legal and illegal. Most people understand that labour is a commodity, just like wheat and copper. Everyone understands that if you flood the market with wheat, the price will drop below the cost of production. The government even pays farmers not to grow too much wheat, corn ar other products so the price won't fall too low. I drive to work past about fifteen congregating places for illegal immigrants who are hired by the day to do work that Americans and legal immigrants did for decades. There is no way you can tell me that they are not depressing the wages of those who are here legally. I am not talking about the personal decency of illegal immigrants. I have worked along side of men and women who were taken from the shop floor beside me in an immigration raid. I am talking about the economic impact of flooding the labour market with illegal immigrants. And the level of sympathy from Republicans on this issue is as bad as that from Democrats. Everyone wants cheap workers, cheap brickwork or new Democratic voters. And no one wants to pay the bills for this folly.

New York City has officially declared themselves to be a city that does not enforce immigration laws. This policy is called by the lofty name of "sanctuary policy". and it comes at a high price that you need a PhD in economics not to see.

Then there is the outsourcing of jobs. From tech and customer support to computer programming, jobs are being outsourced. People who played by the rules and went to college are finding their jobs being done in India and Mexico at a fraction of the cost. And if you want to march in the streets for American jobs, it will be real cheap to wave your stars and stripes that were stitched together in China.

When you are running a first class hotel, sometimes it is the mint on the pillow rather than the cleanliness or promt service that sticks in your memory. In this spirit, the Obama administration proposes to leave a Nicorette on the pillow of America's servicemen and ban smoking in the military. A friend of the family on leave told us of the disgust on base with the idea of treating American soldiers like children and banning tobacco. The disgust cuts across racial lines. the contempt voiced for the policies of the Obama administration cuts across racial lines and accentuates the feelings of abandonment felt in the military.

In a parliamentary democracy, Obama would be headed for early elections. Obama is protected from the consequences of his ideological bankruptcy by our iron clad guarantee of four years in office. The one counterbalance to his executive powers is the spectre of midterm elections. It is highly likely that America's morning after regrets will translate into some changes in the Senate and the House when those elections occur. Hopefully, we will be blessed by then with an opposition bloc that will stand up for principles and for sound economics.

America finally seems to be waking up to the folly of "a beer in the morning kills a hangover" economics. The Congress with which Obama must govern America reminds me of a man who walked into a wild west saloon and joined a poker game in Congress. When told that the game was rigged and the deck was marked, he replied, "I know that. But it's the only game in town."

In that spirit, Americans must keep in mind that we are stuck with our President and our Congress. But we can still stand by the dealer and watch like hawks to make sure that no cards disappear from the table or drop from sleeves. Because that money in the pot is ours. Sphere: Related Content

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