Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Polygamy and the European Meltdown

Aaron Tippin wrote a famous song in which he put to music a famous popular saying. "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." When I look at the social trajectory of modern day Europe as well as the United States, the refrain of his signature tune echoes sadly in my mind.

According to the Brussels Journal, polygamy has passed the phase of being an underground phenomenon in Europe. It has received official sanction in the United Kingdom and on the continent. Although it is not possible to marry a second wife in most jurisdictions in Europe, it s possible to immigrate legally with up to four wives. It is also possible to travel to a Muslim country where polygamy is permitted and to return with an additional wife. The Brussels Journal reports as follows.

"The riots in France have made the world suddenly aware of a reality which city dwellers in Europe have known for some years: that there are no-go areas surrounding almost every major European town. These have become virtually self-ruling enclaves, abandoned by European authorities and police. A case in point is the Swedish town of Malmö, which is said to be unique because creeping anarchy has spread to almost the entire town.

Another thing which many people have known, but which has never been said aloud, is the spread of polygamy across Western Europe. Since yesterday, when French officials, including one government minister, cited polygamy as a possible factor of social breakdown in the suburbs, the media are suddenly devoting attention to a phenomenon which many people have known existed for years: Muslim immigrants going home for a holiday and returning with an additional wife."

The phenomenon of polygamy stretches all across the European Union. In Great Britain, public assistance case files are made for families that are openly polygamous. Inheritance laws are being written so that multiple wives can enjoy inheritance benefits

It is estimated that 500,000 of the French population of 60 million people live in polygamous households.

Many neighborhoods in European cities from Malmo in Sweden to Paris in France are considered to be "no go" areas for Europeans. Polygamy has fueled the growth of minority subcultures that grow in size, anger and alienation from the European cultural mainstream.

Lest it be thought that deviations from western marital norms are solely an Islamic phenomenon, consider the case of Victor de Brujn, who is married to two lesbian partners and registered his civil union with them at the city hall in Roosendaal in the Netherlands. When you factor in same sex marriage with odd arrangements like that of de Brujn and his merry wives, you start to get a picture of a Western world that does not take its traditions very seriously.

In the same countries that permit polygamy is a serious problem of sexual violence against European women by Muslim immigrants. In many European countries, the majority of rapes are perpetrated by immigrants.


Then there is the growing problem of female genital mutilation, a tradition in many Muslim countries from Egypt to Sudan in which the entire outer genitalia of a woman are removed in order to curb sexual desire. Russia Today reports extensively on the disturbing practice as well as its spread to Europe.

Russia Today reports as follows.

"Hawa Greou now says mutilation is wrong, but in many communities girls will continue to be cut, and men order the crime to be committed. Officials say France alone has more than 50,000 victims.

Linda Weil-Curiel's success in court made the state go after the practitioners, but has just pushed the problem elsewhere. Even though the practitioner case has led to France convicting mothers who mutilate their daughters, many instead take their children on special “holidays” abroad.

Ines Laufer, founder of the Hamburg-based Task Force for Effective Prevention of Female Genital Mutilation, says there is a solution.

“I think in Germany authorities have gone in the right direction,” Mrs. Laufer told RT.
“We already have several court decisions that stop girls from being taken to the country where they are at risk of being submitted to genital mutilation. In Germany 14 girls are being protected already – their parents have not been allowed to take them to the countries.”

Genital mutilation, she says, simply cannot be justified.

“All the girls, all the children who live here [in Europe] and abroad have a fundamental right to an intact body, to physical and mental health,” Mrs. Laufer said. “And banning genital mutilation is nothing more than guaranteeing this fundamental human right to the children.”

Even if one is an atheist, simple arithmetic makes the allowances for polygamy a ticking time bomb. Accordingly, enforcing bans on it is simple self preservation. In addition to the mentality that makes rape of European women a trifling matter, and female genital mutilation an "alternative life style" there is the spectre of a growing voting bloc in Europe transforming the European Union into a patchwork of ethnic enclaves in which euthanasia exists on the liberal western side and female genital mutilation and polygamy exists on the other. Already, Europe is disintegrating, its body politic and society suffering from self inflicted wounds. When will Europe awaken, and to what?

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