Friday, July 31, 2009

Talking, Texting , DRIVING (and Videos)

A Buffalo, New York area truck driver needed a tow of his own after it was found that he was driving his tow truck while talking on one cell phone and texting on another at the same time. Unfortunately for him, he ended up crashing into a car and careening into a swimming pool, ploughing through a fence and sideswiping a house before it did so.

The driver faces numerous charges, the confiscation of his cell phones and a subpoena of his cell phone records.

Tow trucking is a rough occupation. Tow truck drivers listen to emergency transmissions and rush to be the first to the scene, sometimes creating more business in the process. Any emergency vehicle has to be aware of the hazards .

It shouldn't even be necessary to ban texting while driving. Unfortunately you need to spell things out to some people who aren't exactly the brightest bulb in the fridge.

On a lighter note, one thing that inspires revenge fantasies among the public is city tow truck drivers who are punishing parking violations. I am including for your entertainment a video of a woman who lived out a revenge fantasy and fulfilled the dream of millions of Americans.

Hopefully, the tow truck accident in Buffalo will be transformed into what our Dissimulator in Chief likes to call a "Teaching moment". Perhaps some lives can be saved as the morbid curiosity of a rubbernecking nation is indulged. Please take heed. Sphere: Related Content

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